Self care ideas to try right now

Hello , to every beautiful soul  reading this if you are here, I am wishing you a great day ahead wish the same for me as well 😊 . In this article I am going to share some basic self care ideas which has a clear positive impact on life when practiced correctly.

Overall self care is very important to live a quality life anyways if you are the one who’s is letting things happen the way it is going on and on and is too busy or tired to take some extra effort for your own self care then you are basically missing on some basic yet important aspects of life.

So here are some basic self care ideas which will make you feel better about yourself will boost up your energy level and will also raise your vibration of good so it some minutes and read on the complete article as the self care ideas which I am going to share might seem quite basic but for sure will bring positive vibes and can shape the uncertainty of your life.

When we talk about self care it’s not only about eye pleasing stuff but it also sum ups with mind pleasing stuffs for example a dolled up face can show a reflection of chaos and anxiety of the inner self.

Overall self care ideas for a better version of yourself 

1) Prepare a to - do - list 

Selfcare ideas to practice

You may be thinking how does preparing a to - do - list is related to self care ideas ? If you are the thinking this then the answer is yes it is related to self care ideas as preparing a to - do - list will work kind of blue prints of your entire day or week.

Well preparing a To - do - list makes the jumbled up rows of chores floating in your mind organised in the first place which is way easier for getting things done correctly or in correct order / correct manner.

The unnecessary coiling up with several tasks at same time and getting no work done  or getting burn out while getting things together and staying in the same loop consistently comes to end while working with a To - do - list .

You can prepare a daily to - do list/weekly/monthly sort all your important work on to the list according to it’s priority, time limit and target.

Practising this will get your work done in a better way without even burning you out. This will eventually leave you with more time flexibility.

You can work on your hobbies and enjoy your me time more often if you finish your work according to your planner/ to-do-list /scheduler.

So it is more of beneficial to use any these products which will help you out to track your health, daily routine, office work, home chores, studies, meal planners and more.

2) Morning walks 

Self care ideas comes with jogging

As it is very difficult at the beginning to get on your morning shoes for the morning walks or jogging in order to feed yourself with soulful and healthy life, this is one of the most dramatic thing to start practising in order to uplift your mood and health in entire day.

Sometimes it’s hard to fall asleep even after laying on bed for longer period of time, this is one of most usual thing happening these years, growing up as a kid we didn’t had these kind of things ( Can be insomnia) happening back then basically due stressful events in our life’s we tend to develope this disorders or unhealthy habits which eventually leads as to this.

Starting your day moving around nature will make you happy without even you realising it. morning walks and jogging in your nearest parks will instantly boost your mood and makes you more energetic entire day.

If it’s very hard for you to get up early in morning then remind yourself it’s going to reward you with wholesome good things including your fitness, health, mood, stress issues and also anxiety.

Morning walks or jogging makes a great start of the day it uplifts your mood makes your mind peaceful brings you close to nature which indeed calms yourself down which indeed is very important for self care.

Self care does not limits to skincare, haircare and external appearance it is way broader term then that. 

Get up early in the morning splash some water on your face make a prayer and go for  jogging in your nearest parks or any suitable place if it’s hard for you to wake up early in morning make sure you tuck yourself early to bed firstly start with lesser duration of time for eg : 20 - 25 minutes. 

Now increase this duration of time accordingly push yourself for some days till you whole heartedly  start enjoying it anyways the results of it is always rewarding and to remember the most important thing over here is consistency.

Consistency is a key over here you do not skip days or stop practising it after getting tired of it in few days it can be bit hard but have some faith it will contribute to scrape out the better version of yourself with this self care idea worth all the efforts.

Do comment below when will you start practising these selfcare ideas and do update after 7 -10 days of how you feel after implementing these self care ideas I would love to know the results.

3) Hydrate yourself frequently 

Among self care ideas hydration is good one

I know that thing stop saying that this what you must be thinking anyways but to a fact if you are not hydrated enough you tend to have bad mood, headaches, fatigue, dull skin and also unhealthy weight gain ,dehydrated body which is not at all appealing to any one.

So go grab a bottle hydrate yourself shrug off all the above stuff if you are having any of those issues.

Drink enough water in regular intervals to keep yourself well hydrated and away from other health issues.

Drinking warm water in morning along with quarter or half tsp of turmeric powder has tons of health benefits few of them are  Lear glowing skin, good digestion, helps in weight loss, reduces inflammation.

You can have this turmeric tea once in a day or in alternate days both are fine don’t add too much off it as that’s not as well.

Next to you can have chia seeds water which will also help you loose weight if you want or it has again lots of benefits as it’s great for skin also comes really very handy, you just need to add 2-3 tsps of chia seeds in approx 1-2 glasses of water squeeze some fresh lemon juice let it soak for sometime have this chia seeds water.

Adding chia seeds in your diet has great benefits you will see it once you start consuming it, it also keeps to full for longer period and prevents fluid loss of body keeps the fluid intact in body which basically keeps you hydrated for longer.

You can have various fruits and vegetables smoothies which are easy to make which will keep you stay fit and healthy if you stay healthy, you tend to be in happy and good mood , these things has  contribution towards self care as the quote  ‘The seed you sow is the seed you reap’ this is my way of explaining it to your hope you get my point anyways.

4) Practising Affirmations 

Practising affirmations is great selfcare idea

Start practising affirmations every morning and night this will change your reality into something which you wish for if you don’t know what is meant by affirmations then let me explain you affirmations are small statements the positive ones.

These positive statements helps you perform better in life, work or almost everything, this is most valid practice to achieve what you want in your life, affirmations helps to get out of negative thoughts and negative vibes feelings in your life if repeated correctly and frequently.

In order to make these affirmations work for yourself the first thing you need to do before starting is to believe in it before repeating it that’s the most important step to start with affirmations it always has positive results if done correctly so practice it while believing in it as it will work for you.

Here are some positive affirmations for self care and growth 

I am fearless and brave.

I was not made to give up.

I release anxiety, stress and negativity from my body.

Repeat any affirmations in morning and evening believe in it to get good results.

5) Meal preparation 

Self care ideas also includes meal preparation

Cook your favourite meal, the one which you have being craving for long take your time and prepare your favourite food give yourself a treat and enjoy your food while sinking your heart in it.

If you are neglecting and skipping on your meals too frequently then take some time prepare delicious meal which you will love to have at that time or the food which you were craving for a long while but you kept on ignoring it due to less time tiredness or anything.

Feed yourself with some good healthy food options which will keep you full for longer period of time , get more healthier options which includes more of veggies in it.

Make some healthy salads with minimum dressings gluten free dairy free options, you can opt for more of vegan food it will keep you energetic for longer period of time.

You can prepare and plan your salad meals in advance and store in refrigerator according to your preference if you are mostly busy in work and have no time to cook food every day.

So instead of skipping your meal or getting a junk food substitute you can follow this advance meal preparing technique this will surely help you out.

And same applies for breakfast it is very important to have full healthy breakfast in morning but if you are the one who’s being skipping in this as well or not having adequate amount of required food/breakfast you are probably gonna lose it.

For breakfast you can opt for overnight oats those are the easiest , healthiest and tastiest no cook options to keep yourself full for longer period of time also with more health benefits.

You can use rolled oats for this overnight oats those needs no cooking it’s perfectly okay to have it soaked overnight with some cashew milk/almond milk also some yogurt some chia seeds, cinnamon powder soak it overnight.

You can add some blueberries, strawberries, banana ,dates or your preferable fruits to it top it up with some nuts desiccated coconut powder, honey it has a good taste and is way healthier option to try.

These self care ideas are actually rewarding as it feeds you with way more goodness then you think, you will definitely notice it if you overview about what you have being doing to yourself for long.

If the mentioned self-care ideas are the one’s which you are already practising then it’s good you have being taking care of yourself but if it not included in lifestyle already you should be adding and implementing this self- ideas into your life for your better version.

Do comment below when will you start practising these selfcare ideas and do update after 7 days of how you feel after implementing these self care ideas, I would love to know the results.

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