phenoxyethanol in skin care products


Phenoxyethanol is a preservative that is used in many cosmetics and personal care products. Most people may not be aware of this but if you check out the ingredients of the skin care products you will find the phenoxyethanol in skin care products.

Phenoxyethanol is an oily and slightly sticky liquid that comes with the flavor of rose scent. If you are thinking that whether phenoxyethanol skin care is good for your skin, then this article is for you. Here are the reasons that will show you why you need to use phenoxyethanol in all your cosmetic products.

What is Phenoxyethanol?  

phenoxyethanol in skin care products

Phenoxyethanol is not a well-known skin care preservative, but it becomes very popular when the parabens started to fell from cosmetic products. And this is considered as the growing skin care ingredient.

Phenoxyethanol is an ether alcohol that can be naturally obtained from green tea, but mostly it is synthesized in the lab. It is widely used in all kinds of skin care products as it will act as an antimicrobial factor that will prevent bacterial growth. 

This phenoxyethanol will come in different names such as 2-phenoxyethanol, phenoxytol, ethylene glycol monophenyl ether, and 1-hydroxy-2-phenoxyethane.

Is it safe to use phenoxyethanol in skin care?

Most people get confused when it comes to the safety of the skin, but many experts have suggested that phenoxyethanol in skin care is considered safe, and also the ingredient has been approved to use in any kind of cosmetic product. 

This phenoxyethanol is safe for the skin when it has been added to the skin of 1% or below that. It doesn’t cause any kind of skin problems when it is used in the trace amount and also it is considered the most effective preservative. 

Most cosmetic industries will prefer phenoxyethanol as it will enhance the quality, safety, and effectiveness of the product. 

The skin care products like skin care facewash, skin care routine for dry skin, skin care for oily skin, and best skin care for anti-aging include phenoxyethanol as the ingredient is considered to be non-genotoxic, and non-carcinogenic.


Why do we need to add phenoxyethanol in skin care?

phenoxyethanol in skin care

The best tips of skin care are that use cosmetic products which consist of phenoxyethanol in a trace amount. The reason is that it will act as a stabilizer, and also it will act as a preservative that will help the cosmetic products from getting spoiled or losing their potency. 

It can be compatible with the other ingredients and help to reduce acne. Some studies have shown that if the skin care product that contains phenoxyethanol has been used continuously for two weeks, then there will be no inflammatory acne, and also it helps to reduce the number of pimples.

When compared to parabens, phenoxyethanol is considered the safest skin care ingredient. It acts as an effective ingredient when it comes to preventing the growth of fungi, yeast, and bacteria.  If the product gets contaminated then it will cause negative impact on the skin, and phenoxyethanol will help to reduce suck kind of problem


1. Prevent microbial growth

phenoxyethanol in skin care prevents microbial growth

Most cosmetic product will develop certain microorganisms which will spoil the product or cause any skin issues when it is applied on the skin. The reason is that in every product you will find water and organic or inorganic compounds, which will lead to microbial growth.

But if the cosmetic product has phenoxyethanol then it will prevent the growth of bacteria, yeast, and mold

This ingredient will attack the bacteria by causing a hole in their membranes, and making them implode. 

It even disrupts the RNA and DNA synthesis in the bacteria and yeast, so it will prevent them from getting multiplied, and contaminate your skin care products. 

2. Improved stability

phenoxyethanol improves stability in skin care

The best advantage of using phenoxyethanol is that you can use this ingredient in any kind of cosmetic product as it doesn’t get compatible with the other kinds of preservatives. 

Also, the other best part is that it doesn’t react with the air or light. 

When it comes to the cosmetic product, it will help the product from getting separating or break down and this will help the product to stay stable. 

The phenoxyethanol will remainstable in any kind of pHs and also it will work with any variety of formulas. So that this ingredient is used in shampoo, sunscreen, and other skin care related products.  

3Increase the shelf-life

phenoxyethanol in skin care Increases shelf life

The most important and main benefit of phenoxyethanol is to increase the shelf-life of cosmetic products. It is considered an effective ingredient, as it consists of antimicrobial and stabilizing properties so it will protect the product from getting spoil. 

If the product got spoiled, then it can’t be used, or also it becomes unsafe, so phenoxyethanol is added to avoid these kinds of problems. 

Also, it will increase the lifespan of the product so that you can use the skin care product for a longer time without any fear and skin issues.  

4. Paraben-free

Phenoxyethanol is considered the best ingredient when it comes to the replacement of paraben. 

Paraben in cosmetic product will cause itching, burning, and scaling of the skin, but this phenoxyethanol doesn’t cause any kind of problems. 

This product is a clean and green-beauty product, so it is used as the major substitute for the parabens. 

5. Reduce breakouts

phenoxyethanol in skin care reduces breakouts

Certain studies have proved that phenoxyethanol is compatible with any kind of ingredient, and it doesn’t cause any inflammatory acne breakouts when it is combined with the other preservatives. 

This is the most interesting benefit and still, research is going on this benefit. 

Are there any side effects?

Phenoxyethanol is generally considered the safest and well-tolerated preservative, but make sure that your skin care products don’t contain more than 1% of the ingredient. There are few incidents in which people have noticed small side effects but which is rare and very rare. 

If you used it in a lower concentration, then it won’t cause any kind of harmful effects or unpleasant outcomes.