Foods for healthy hair and skin

Hey there beauties, this article has some of best food items which promotes healthy hair you need to include  those food items in your diet if you have not included those already.

And also some do’s and don’ts which will help you,In order to get healthy hair, you may have already consuming this food items like some of these or all of it.

So below is the list of some food items which are best for healthy hair and some of these are great for healthier looking skin.

Here are some best foods for healthy hair and skin you should add on your plates

Eggs is best food for healthy hair

Egg is best food for healthy hair

As you must be knowing regarding eggs have rich amount of protein in both egg whites and also in egg yolk, it has unsaturated fats in it and ample amount of vital nutrients in it which are vitamin B6, B12 and vitamin D as well in it.

You can use eggs for healthy  hair growth in two ways. It can be included in your daily diet. In this way, the body and hair get all its nutritional benefits of eggs. 

Another way of using  the goodness of eggs is by using it as a hair pack. Protein packs are great for hair, and eggs contain an adequate quantity of protein for making a hair pack.

 Egg yolk acts as an emulsifier and helps to bind the ingredients of the hair pack into a homogeneous mixture. It also helps the pack to stick to the hair and penetrate the scalp and hair follicles.

If you want a video tutorial of a egg hair mask you can get it in my YouTube channel 

You can have 2 hard boiled eggs in entire day or in your breakfast as I said previously eggs has water soluble biotin content in it when the biotin level goes down in body it more promotes hair loss , hair thinning and brittle hair.

Even the shine and lustrous hair losses it texture due to that so it’s important to consume eggs and apply egg hair mask.

Fenugreek seeds for rich source of protein  foods for healthy hair 

Fenugreek seeds for healthy hair

Fenugreek seeds contains nutrients which promotes healthy  hair-growth, and gives healthy looking glowing skin and immense shine and lustre to hair and skin.

And if you are thinking you had already tried various things which didn’t worked for you as you expected it to work for you then try this atleast for a week it’s completely natural and gives great results.

You have consume fenugreek seeds and include it in your diet to get healthy hair growth this is one of the best food item which to get healthy thicker hair and glowing clear skin.

To consume fenugreek seeds don’t expect to have a great taste it’s bitter in taste now to have it you can soak 2 tsp of fenugreek seeds in water overnight and have the seeds in the morning.

Don’t throw away the remaining water in which you soaked fenugreek seeds it turns slimy and yellowish in colour you can apply this water on your scalp for hair growth and if you have dandruff it gives instant glow to skin and instant shine to hair.

It promotes thicker hair when consumed or applied on hair, 2 tsps of fenugreek seeds consume every day in empty stomach keeps acne at bay and promotes baby hair growth as well which indeed increases hair volume.

It has several other health benefits it helps in heavy menstruation , hormonal imbalances, diabetes.

Fenugreek seeds taste bitter and has no other different taste apart from it, if you are dealing with hair loss, hair thinning, acne blemishes or dull lifeless skin then you should try having 1-2 tsps of soaked fenugreek seeds in early morning empty stomach.

It will initially regulate your hair loss issues if you have so reduce hair fall and promote hair growth after that not only that it will also solve your acne issues by firstly reducing it and after couple days of consumption can make your skin clear and glowing.

You can also apply fenugreek seed face mask for acne and glowing it which is again easy to prepare soak 2-3 tsps of fenugreek seeds in water overnight, you can even use fine fenugreek seed powder.

Now grind the soaked fenugreek seeds in a fine smooth paste use the water in which the seeds were soaked initially never to throw this water because it’s very beneficial, if you are not willing to make the fenugreek seed mask you can simply use a clean cotton pad dip it into the this water and apply on your face.

It will instantly make a change, now for the mask add half to 1 tsp of thick yogurt or curd into it and a half tsp of gram flour mix all the ingredients well.

Apply on your face and let it stay for good 20 minutes if you have acne it usually shrinks it’s  size after the first use itself.

Then wash it after 20 minutes using cold to room temperature water, pat dry your skin after that apply moisturiser if needed.

Chicken rich source of protein food for healthy hair 

Chicken is one of the best food for healthy hair

Chicken has lots of protein content in it, as Hair is made up of proteins so having chicken and eggs promotes healthy hair growth and gives strength to hair.

It also cures hairloss and hair thinning , you can have chicken salads tossed up with some pumpkin seeds or flex seeds will do great.

If you are vegan you can have fox nuts instead of chicken it’s another potentially great ingredient which promotes healthy hair growth.

Fox nuts suppresses/fight free radicals plays a role in slowing down ageing process which done by kaempferol present in fox nuts it also slows down hair greying process.

Spinach vitamin A rich food for healthy hair

Spinach is best food for healthy hair growth

Including greens in your diet is great for your hair and skin as well and one of which is Spinach, it has lots of nutritive properties in it rich in vitamin A ,C and iron content in it which nourishes our scalp and keeping it  nourished and healthy when consumed.

Spinach helps in producing sebum which helps in maintaining the nourishment and moisture in hair and skin vitamin A present in spinach plays a role over here.

It also helps in producing collagen content which directs and promotes healthy glowing skin and hair texture vitamin C does the job here for collagen production.

Collagen regulates the supple naturally glowing texture of skin and hair, so it’s important to consume spinach a handful of it your diet.

Our body has collagen content intact at younger age and body starts loosing collagen after the age of 20 so it’s important to consume it externally by having these food items.

You can also have a plant based collagen powder which is available easily, once or twice a week with water it’s that simple.

Olive oil antioxidants rich food for healthy hair

Foods for healthy hair includes olive oil

Olive oil is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants it has anti-inflammatory components in it which is a source of healthy fats including it in your diet helps in regulating your blood sugar keeps bones , heart , skin and hair healthy.

Olive oil is thin in consistency which means it’s easier to be absorbed by the scalp, consuming olive oil in your diet keeps your skin moisturised giving it a natural glow it also works as a preventive component in order to prevent cancer due to it’s antioxidants.

Olive oil gives strength to hair making it soft silky smooth it sips into hair shaft and keeps the moisture intact in it

It promotes healthy hair growth giving it a natural shine you can include olive oil in your diet by cutting off the regular oil if you want it can work in your favour.

Or add a tsp or 2 into your salad bowl toss up a bit and it’s ready you can add on some pumpkin seeds into it if you want it again has plenty of benefits.

There’s one more way to use olive oil and that is in the form of hair mask or even a hot oil massage will do it’s job well.

For that you need to warm some olive oil using double boiler method add 1 tsp castor with 2-3 tsp of olive oil this should be the measurements to apply it on your scalp for the hot oil massage.

You can increase or decrease the proportion according to your requirements just make sure to use the above ratio because castor oil is thick in consistency if it’s added more the thicker consistency can break your hair while massaging it.

Next dip your fingers into the warm oil and massage gently on your scalp for more effective results you can use the inversion method by moving bending your head downwards for few minutes after massaging or while massaging.

You can lay down on your bed and lay your head inversely downwards this for 2-4 minutes this increases the blood circulation level which promotes thicker hair growth.

Or you wrap your scalp with a warm/hot towel for 20 minutes after the hot oil massage this again promotes healthy hair growth.

This techniques or remedies if done patiently and frequently gives more then expected results, so do try it and comment below how it worked for you .

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