Using Onion juice for hair benefits

Hello guys welcome to my blog, so you guys all know benefits of rice water for hair growth now this Article is all about onion benefits for hair and You can use onion juice for hair growth instead yes that's smelly food that gives us really bad breath actually has nutrients and properties in it.

Onion has lots of benefits for your hair and in this article  I'm gonna be sharing with  you guys the best way to make and use onion juice for hair growth so if you guys like these types of hair growth videos make sure you subscribe to my channel .

Before proceeding how to use the onion juice benefits for hair growth, I have a huge disclaimer onion juice smells like onions that's obvious I know but I don't want you to watch be here  thinking that there's gonna be a magical ingredient that will get rid of that smell because unfortunately there's not.

So make no mistake onion juice 100% absolutely smells like onions but as long as you guys use a good shampoo and conditioner to rinse out the onion juice  the smell will all go away.

But just while it's in your hair it’s gonna smell now to know the onion juice benefits for hair, you need to use it at least once or twice to see the difference to make onion juice for hair growth you will need 2 medium size onions.

Onion juice benefits for hair

So start off with 2 medium sized purple onions it's important to use purple onions because they have the most juice compared to the other types of onions so if you're about to comment can I use any type of onion unfortunately the answer is No.

Next You need to peel the onions and chop the onions up also to avoid burning sensation in your eyes you can wear sunglasses while you're cutting up the onions. ( usually you might not do that )

so onions are rich in sulfur which is found in keratin and keratin is found in hair the sulfur and onion juice is said to potentially help provide nourishment to the hair needed to promote hair growth.

Onion have plenty of benefits for hair it has antimicrobial properties which help to fight scalp infections that can contribute to hair loss like dandruff and a healthy scalp equals strong hair follicles which equals an optimal environment for hair growth.

And finally onions are rich in antioxidants which help to reduce damage to hair follicles again supporting hair growth so once the onions are chopped up rinse thoroughly two times to remove any bacteria or dirt that could be on the onions.

Then place chopped onions in a blender with some water if needed if you have small blender don't overfill it separate the chopped onions into two batches so for the first batch blend together half of the chopped onions with half to 1 cup of water then once that's blended together.


Place the onion paste in a mason jar aside and then grab another mason jar and cheesecloth/ strainer which is a very weird word but this product is like super helpful for making onion juice because it allows you to extract as much juice as you possibly can from your onion juice.

 First just using a regular strainer with cheesecloth you have full control over how much juice you are squeezing out basically just pour the blended onion juice into the cheesecloth over a mason jar and squeeze as much of the onion juice out of the bag as possible.

It will take few minutes doing this just to make sure that You are extracting as much juice as possible just so that You don't waste any of it .

Then take a funnel and a applicator bottle but that's what You can use to apply the onion juice in your hair so pour all of the onion juice into this bottle via a funnel  apply an onion juice .

You can apply this onion juice for hair growth using cotton balls or directly using your finger tips there’s no such requirements or anything else use the once which makes you more comfortable.

Just   focus mostly on your scalp While applying this onion juice to get it’s maximum benefits for hair , so Make sections off your hair and start by applying it on your roots and the applicator bottle makes this really easy to apply on your roots versus using a spray bottle.

Application of onion juice to acquire benefits for hair growth

The applicator bottle you have so much more control over where you are putting the onion juice then use a scalp massager to massage it into my scalp this will help to increase circulation to your scalp which promotes hair growth.

And it's also going to help your scalp to better absorb the nutrients from the onion juice benefits for your hair which will also promote hair growth .

So even though it's most important to apply the onion juice to your roots and scalp you can also just spread the onion juice throughout the strength of your hair because it is also beneficial for the overall health of your hair.

So you can also use a brush to brush everything out just to make sure that the strands of your hair and make sure your scalp is fully coated in the onion juice you also want to make sure to wash the hair tools that you use afterwards because you don't want them to smell like onions.

So once all of the onion juice is thoroughly massage onto my roots and throughout your  hair and then put your hair up in a bun wait for an hour before rinsing it out so one big tip for you guys is when you are putting your hair up after you've applied the onion juice in it do not use a regular scrunchie or a hair tie instead.

 I would suggest you to use one of these butterfly clamps so I will link these it here and the reason why I suggest these is because as I said onion juice does smell so you don't want the onion juice to saturate your scrunchie or your hair tie.

You can just wash it after 1 hour and can use lukewarm water to rinse your hair onion smell stays  on your hair longer when using cold water whereas lukewarm to cool water helps to get rid of the onion smell.

I don't know the science behind it but that's just what I found from trial and error so rinse your hair for about 1 to 2 minutes just to try to rinse all of the onion juice out before shampooing then move on to shampoo.

acquiring onion juice benefits for hair growth

Use a Mild shampoo that specifically caters to improving scalp health because that goes hand-in-hand with this recipe and along with the conditioner.

 You can also use scalp massager to massage everything into your scalp not only does it help my scalp to absorb the nutrients from the shampoo but it also just helps to ensure that my scalp has fully absorbed all of the nutrients from the onion juice.

Before  You thoroughly rinse it out so once You done with shampoo  then move on to conditioner to condition your hair just apply conditioner throughout the ends of your hair and leave it in for about three to five minutes.

And then the rinsing of the onion juice it's done then after getting out of the shower and after using onion juice hair mask results might vary according to the condition of your hair.

So as you will notice some your hair looks extra shiny and healthy and your scalp just feel extra clean after using onion juice and I think that's one of the main reasons why it will help hair growth because as I mentioned earlier a healthy scalp contributes to healthier and faster hair growth.

So now I just want to discuss how often you should be using onion juice for hair growth since I know that this is a question that a lot of people are gonna have so the good thing about onion juice is that unlike rice water you can pretty much use it whenever you want as often as you want.

I haven't read any restrictions or warnings on the frequency that you can use onion juice so really it's up to you but of course because everyone's hair is different and everyone's body is different you may find that using it too often may not suit your hair for whatever reason so just make sure that you pay close attention to how your hair responds to onion juice.

To really figure out how often you should be using it although you can  use onion juice once a week and get amazing results.

Hey guys if you find this onion juice benefits for hair article helpful and genuine then do leave a comment below and Here’s  my YouTube channel Glamcrazze