How to make your hair healthy diy

Usually we look at a person there are couple of things which, we notice at first that's usually basic and unintentional .

Am not talking about that creepy stare anyways, Hair is among those things which  you might notice while looking at a person.

Or while you are blown away by hair care commercials, you most probably might be wondering “How to make hair healthy shiny and frizz free.

There might be set of reasons which indeed basically promotes hairloss & lifeless hair which is pretty known to all of us.

It becomes very hard sometimes to maintain your hair and skin healthy glowing and lustrous.

Here is a DIY hairmask which will help you to make your hair healthy.

How to make your hair healthy , smooth ,silky and back to life again.

How to make your hair healthy with this egg diy hairmask

This DIY hairmask will solve your queries of how to make your hair healthy.

You will be able to see the difference in your hair texture from the first use itself.

And by using this DIY hairmask frequently , you will start noticing the major drop/ fall in your hair issues.

You can use this hairmask once a week, In a month you will be amazed by the results.

While  in extreme hairloss orcor frizzy hair issues this DIY hairmask can be used twice in a week in extreme cases.

To prepare this DIY hairmask to get healthy , stronger frizz free hair you will need following ingredients.

1 Egg 
 1 over ripe banana 
3 - 4 tsp Yogurt
4 tsps Olive oil

How to make your hair healthy, DIY hair recipe/ preparations

How to make your hair healthy

Break open 1 Egg 🥚 in a clean bowl in which you are intending to make this hairmask.

Peel over- riped /riped banana add along with the egg into the bowl.

Make small sizes of banana if you can , add 3 - 4 tsp of yogurt into the bowl.

Next thing you will do right after this is place all the ingredients in a blender/ nutrichoice and blend every thing in a smooth paste.

After blending everything together now transfer the DIY hairmask paste into the bowl .

Now add 4 tsps of Olive oil  along with 2 tsp Castor oil .

Add 4-5 drops of lavender essential oil to enhance the hair mask even more but it's totally optional to add any essential oil .

All the ingredients used in this hair mask are available below:;

After adding the oil mix all the ingredients well , such that everything is blended into a perfect mixture.

Here you can increase or decrease the proportion of the hair oil or other ingredients according to your hair length.

If you have longer hair touching almost your waist then the above mentioned quantity of the hair mask will cover your hair.

And if you have shorter hair then reduce the proportion of the ingredients accordingly.

To apply this DIY hairmask to get healthy stronger frizz free hair 

Comb your hair using a wide tooth comb make 2 sections of your hair.

Start applying the hair mask scalp till the roots generously .

Take small sections of your hair and apply generously from the scalp to the roots .

Do not leave the ends of hair . This DIY hairmask will prevent you from developing split ends.

After generously applying the hair mask .Cover your hair with a shower cap and let it stay for 1 - 2 hrs for best results.

Or atleast 45 minutes if you are in a way to hurry.

Rinse your hair with cold water using a mild shampoo , use a conditioner after using this hairmask to make your hair healthy frizz free.

But it's optional after using this mask you can skip it if you want.

Always remember to apply conditioner after rinsing your hair with a mild shampoo.

So this was the DIY hair mask which indeed may have solved your how to make your hair healthy query.

For more DIY skincare and hair care videos here’s  my YouTube channel Glamcrazze