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I'm actually telling you guys how to make Yao women Hair secret'  DIY  Rice water at-home hair growth treatment how to  make and use rice water for hair growth, so the rice water actually contains lots of amino acids.

 All of these things really strengthens the hair which means that your hair is gonna be able to grow nice and long and it also makes sure that your hair is shiny at the same time.

Rice water is really easy to make and I know that there is a lot of confusion like on the internet online and in real life about how to actually make rice water.

 There are 2 ways that you can make rice water you can make plain rice water or you can make fermented rice water and they both start off the same, so you know you just need to start off with some rice white or brown rice is fine organic or non-organic is fine.

 But just make sure that if you are using non-organic make sure you wash it even more thoroughly then you would wash organic so to wash the rice you're just gonna want to rinse it in cold water.

 How to make rice water for hair growth

fermented rice water

 So you can rinse the rice in a bowl and you can run water over the top of it that's a really easy way to wash it or you can swish it around in a bowl with water just to remove any impurities remove any dust remove any chemicals that might have been used on the rice.

 Like in the factories because you don't need that I would always recommend if you're gonna eat rice wash it first because it can contain a lot of this chemical stuff so once you've washed it.

You're gonna want to put some rice into a bowl with water so to get the right ratio I use two tablespoons full of rice to 2 cups of water so it's kind of like a per tablespoon of rice you want a cup of water.

So, 2- tablespoons of rice you need 2 cups of water if you're going to use full tablespoons of rice you're going to need 4 cups of water because this is the last for very long you wouldn't usually want to make a huge batch of this at once.

This amount of rice water is gonna be absolutely perfect for that so you just put the rice and the water in a bowl together and you just want to switch that around you can also knead it with your knuckles as well and that's gonna really help the nutrients to seep out of the rice into the water.

 Because what you're really trying to do here is to get all of the nutrients out of the rice into the water so you can leave that mixture together for half an hour and that will usually be enough time for enough of the nutrients from the rice to seep into the water.

 And the water should turn a milky cloudy white color and that's how you know that there is rice nutrients in the water and it will definitely change the color of it and that's how you know so you can go ahead.

 And you can use that plain rice water for hair growth right away or you can use fermented rice water as well plain rice water is good but fermented rice water is even better pH level of plain rice water is higher than the pH level of your hair whereas the pH level of fermented rice water is much closer to the pH level of your hair.

 It's going to help seal the cuticles of your hair it's gonna look smoother and there's going to be less frictionless frizz also fermenting the rice water really helps to enhance all of the vitamins and nutrients that you found in the plain rice water like carbohydrates called inositol.

This really helped to boost the elasticity of your hair and strengthen your hair follicles there's a whole bunch of vitamins like B, C, and E as well and all of these things are really good and they really enhanced by the fermentation process.

How to make rice water for hair growth girl with thick hair

 So the way that you would make fermented rice water for hair growth is that you would need to leave it for a lot longer than half an hour usually 24 hours is enough time to ferment the rice water.

 You might find it's a little bit smelly so if you do worry about that smell I mean it's not too bad but if you're alright about it then you can stick in some lavender essence or some orange peels.

You can go ahead and I prepare some orange peels into the mixture so after 24 hours there might even be a few bubbles if you stir it and that really just shows you that it's fermented and that it's good to go with.

You will need to filter the water you don't need that rice anymore and you definitely don't need those little chunks of orange peels so you can put the rice water through a sieve and the sieve will catch the rice and will the orange peel.

Then you'll just be left with the cloudy white mixture which is then fermented rice water so when you have that stick it in the fridge to preserve it or go ahead and use it right away so when you actually decide to use the fermenter rice water.

 You're going to need to dilute it with more water because this is pretty strong almost too strong for your hair so make sure you dilute it with some water.

 I do just want to talk about boiling the water versus not boiling the water which seems to be where most of the confusion lies people don't know whether they should boil it or not and whether or not they can use the water from after they've just boiled rice to eat it.

 I personally don't do this because from what I understand the hot water boiling water can help the nutrients to move out of the rice into the water much more quickly than if you were to just leave it at room temperature overnight.

 But I feel like the window to have the perfect amount of nutrients is so small and it can be very very difficult to actually get that right if you leave that water for the full 10 minutes that it takes to cook your rice then you really risk over boiling all of that nutrients.

 The nutrients only take two minutes to come out and now it's been sitting in the water it's been boiling that can't be too long and you do risk kind of killing that nutrients and wrecking any of the benefits that it had in it.

 I feel like it's really difficult to gauge it's a really difficult timeline to get exactly right so the easier thing to do is just to leave it all up room temperature just make sure that you get that balance right like you don't have to worry about overcooking the nutrients.

 Yeah, you'd worry about killing the nutrients so just leave it at room temperature for 24 hours so that will do the same thing as having boiled it for two minutes without the risk of destroying the nutrients so that's how you would prefer to do it.

You can just do it natural fermented rice water for hair growth at room temperature 24 hours and then put it in the fridge to stop that fermentation process and preserve all of the goodness and all of the nutrients in the rice water.

If you do have fermented rice water it's a good idea to dilute it because it's very strong so you can dilute it by adding a little bit more water and just make that mixture even bigger and then go ahead and use it however you want to so.

girl rinsing hair

 You can use rice water in ways for hair growth, use it as a pre-post as a deep conditioning treatment and as a hair rinse and the way that you can do that is put it into a spray bottle so you just have to pull your mixture into a spray bottle.

 And when it's in there you can just go ahead and spray that onto your hair and make sure your hair is completely evenly covered with rice water.

 You can use this as a scalp treatment or you can use it as a deep conditioning treatment or as a  hair rinse just pull the rice water all over all of my hair when you're done washing your hair and then just rinse your hair in that and leave your hair with it on that's how you can do it.

Make sure that there's no conditioner or shampoo left in my hair and rinse your hair using rice water and it stays in and also you don't have to worry about the smell of the rice water topic hairs.


You can usually just put in some lavender essence or some orange peel so your hair actually ends up smelling a pretty fresh even though it is completely coated in the rice water.


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