Here is the Battle of the good effective moisturizers, The high-end Clinique 72-hour Spurge moisturizer versus the drugstore Neutrogena hydra boost gel.

 Usage is to be considered of both the high-end Clinique and Neutrogena, Clinique moisturizer has been used by many makeup artists and is they also use it under makeup and under-eye at night.

 And it's a go-to moisturizer suitable for any season now about the Neutrogena hydra boost gel which is very similar to Clinique.

 According to the price point of view of these products and the quantities you get because a lot of your decision-making is going to be dependent on that. 

So here is a review 

Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator

best skin moisturizer for dry skin


Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator - retails for ₹ 2,350.00 for 30ml of product.

  This moisturizer performs best for combination, dry skin face now this moisturizer comes in packaging like it's a beautiful mint green kind of packaging and it's actually a very luxurious tub.

 The product itself is pink in color it's very nice as a soft pink color, and this actually is fragrance-free however it has a very slight mild fragrance but it's not very strong.

 So if you're sensitive for fragrance this would work best for you now the product itself is gel-like consistency.

It gets easily absorbed in skin super quickly it's extremely hydrating and particularly little amount of product goes a long way.

 If you have combination skin then this will work wonders for you whether it's winter or whether it's summers it gives skin perfect hydration.

What it claims

 Now let's see what it actually claims it says on the packaging that its allergy-tested hundred-percent fragrance-free.

 Use under or over makeup or as a five-minute mask, now you can use it under makeup and also at night time.

it says the same addictively refreshing gel-cream you love now enhance to deliver almost twice as much as hydration at the end of the day

 It doesn't leave any oil on skin sure and if you are the one who loves moisturizers that are very light on the skin and If you don't need a lot of moisturization now this will work perfectly for the oily skin people as well.

Replenishing technology actually helps skin create its own internal water source to continually rehydrate itself then locks in all the moisturizer for an endlessly plump dewy healthy-looking skin and It does that perfectly with every claim that's written.

People who have dry skin type the Clinique one works wonders for them as well,  if you are dry skin person you will have to go in with a little extra and be generous with the amount that you use.

 So this works perfectly for all skin types.

Neutrogena HydroBoost Water Gel, Blue, 50g

Affordable best misturizer for dry skin face

Neutrogena HydroBoost Water Gel, Blue, 50g retails for about 

Price:₹ 840.00

 Now coming to the drugstore Neutrogena hydra boost gel it comes in a tub and the actual packaging looks like beautiful glass blue and has fragrance.

 when opened it the product looks and it smells like the ocean in this bottle which means if you look at the product itself it's a very beautiful gel it's blue in color.

 How this product actually works is it's extremely hydrating and it gets absorbed in the skin super quick and little goes a long way with this product as well.

It keeps your skin hydrated at least combination skin and also sure for people with oily skin as well that it keeps your skin hydrated all day long clearly, you have to use it twice a day and the same goes with the Clinique one.

 Because you have to moisturize your face morning and evening after you're washing it now about this product.

What it claims

   Some of the claims it says on the tub itself it says prone to continuously boost skin's water retention ability and effectively lock in abundant hydration deep within your skin throughout the day.

 It's dermatologist-tested oil-free and non-comedogenic now guys this product is a dupe for the Clinique one.

Clinique is super luxurious and it's such a well-performing moisturizer and trusted by many.

 Neutrogena carton packaging says Neutrogena Hydra whose gel helps you achieve five dimensions of ideal healthy skin hydrated luminous bouncy firm and smooth innovative moisture sensor complex.

 Effectively replenishes moisture when you need it the most while helping repair rebuild skin barrier to lock that moisture in now it's not just to do it's actually a beautiful moisturizer from the drugstore.

 Neutrogena has a tub bit more than the Clinique one now this is for oily combination skin but Neutrogena also has a version that is even more hydrating for dry skin type people.

So from coming from a drugstore and a brand like Neutrogena coming up with two separate segments and catering to the oily combination skin type people and also the dry skin type people is absolutely amazing.

  For combination-oily skin people, it's such a beautiful affordable option from the drugstore now if compared to these two and which one to buy, I mean if you like something which is super luxurious you like to go for high-end brands then you can go in for Clinique.

 however, if you are on a budget and you still want a beautiful moisturizer which is totally comparable to the Clinique one hands down I think Neutrogena wins big-time whether Neutrogena absolutely yes whether.

 So, guys, that's the detailed review I hope you found it helpful and it helped you make up your mind as to which moisturizer you should go in for if you have any questions regarding this please do leave it in the comment box below !!