curls hairstyle for long hair

Beautiful bouncy curls that look like you just stepped off the set of Pantene commercials but what if you have absolutely no idea how to curl your hair with straighteners and achieve that look.

 The Instagram hair inspiration ideas and the how to's where you have put in a ridiculous amount of effort only to have your gorgeous curls fall out leaving you a stick straight hair in just a few hours, does this sound like you love one of my favorite ways to inject a bit of sass into a so-so outfit or pick yourself up on a day when you are feeling your little bit flat hair day.

And you want to makeover your hair with some big bouncy voluminous curls that lasts until your next hair rinse yes that's right gorgeous curls that will last until your next shampoo day which should be approx three to four days.

Well, you could shampoo your hair the next day that's up to you the point is the curls will last till you next wash your hair. Do not wash your hair every day as washing your hair every day is bad for your scalp health.

How to curl your hair with straighteners the right way

For achieving the best results you need all the steps carefully and do not miss any steps in between

  Step 1; Rinse your hair

how to curl your hair with straighteners to get perfect curls

 The right way and the first step is to cleanse your hair, start with clean fresh hair just use any shampoo and conditioner of your choice and rinse your hair before styling it.

 Step 2; Apply the detangling spray

 You'll need number one is a detangling spray which is optional and for those girls who have particularly tangly hair -you will need a tangle teezer or a wet brush to prevent your hair from snagging.

The detangling spray will prevent the hair from unwanted hair breaking and hair loss due to brushing or pulling while making it tangle-free.

 Then a root booster and this is also an optional product for those girls who like a little extra oomph at the roots it's better to use the right product to achieve perfect look rather than just doing the wrong way.

 And the most important of all is a  heat protectant spray you cannot skip this product as its most important product to protect your hair from heat damage.

Step 3: Blow dry your hair 

hair dryer with nozzle

                       Philips Thermo protect 2100 W Hair Dryer 220 Volt

So after rinsing your hair, you have to blow-dry your hair using after applying detangling spray on your hair.

 The secret to the longevity of your curls also depends on your style extender, now onto the tools you'll need first a blow dryer with a concentration nozzle then flat iron or a hair straightener with a rounded barrel.

 And lastly, two clips to section your hair away you can use crocodile clip or little squeezy clip than begin by spraying a little detangler through the lengths of the hair avoiding the scalp area.

using blow dryer

 Then take your wet brush or tangle teezer and gently brush that product through the lengths of your hair.

Next for a bit of extra boom at the roots apply a volumizing spray or mousse, you can use any brand which you like the one from Kevin Murphy pug body mask is also a good and trusted product.

heat protection spray for hair straightening

Beard care Natural Hair Heat Protection Spray With Moroccan Argan Oil 200ml

The next product is an absolute must it's a heat protectant spray, you can use any good brand which suits you and the one with has infused treatment oil in it.

Now it's time for your secret weapon your style extender it saves time on your blow dryer which is awesome for a blow-dry.

 While blow-drying for a reduced freeze and silky hair finish to a blow dry use a dryer with a concentration nozzle that's the piece that directs the air blown from the dryer into a more direct area.

 You can pick in your blow dryer using your fingers to rake through your hair this is gonna help get out the excess moisture before, then move on to paddle brush and use that to get a much sleek finish always speed through this process.

  Just a couple of quick tips for you always use a blow dryer pointing from root to tip this will stop the cuticle from being ruffled up and adding extra frizz to your hair which nobody wants.

 Next always keep your blow dryer moving otherwise you could risk frying your hair, once your hair is about 95% dry.

 You can switch back to use your fingers as a comb this will help with added volume and also ensure that there is no moisture left in my hair which you do not want.

Step 4: Part your hair in sections

curls hairstyle for long hair

 Now you have to section your hair away so the first section is just going to be from the tips of both ears, you have to take the hair from the top of my head and just twist that into a little top knot and secure it with a crocodile clip.

 You could secure it with any kind of clip that works best for you, then you gonna take that remaining piece that is left down and split it into two sections and brush out any knots or tangles using my paddle brush.

 Now You need to take a one-inch piece of hair from the back of one of those sections to keep things nice and sweet and simple you have to work from back to front to create this style.

 And you just need to clip away that excess piece of hair to create this cool little hairstyle which you want to recreate, now grab your hair straightener with your rounded barrel.

 As round, a barrel straightener will give those nice big curls as opposed to a flat barrel which you'll put in your hair so cute and then you gonna twist your flat iron or straightener away from your face and turn it 360 degrees until the tail of that piece of hair is poking back out away from your face.

round barrel Hair straightener phillips

                Philips Hp8318/00 Kerashine Temperature Control

 Then gently pull your straightener down if you get a little stuck you can wiggle it from side to side otherwise don't put too much pressure on it until you get to the very end grab that piece of hair it can be a little flex just be careful.

And then you will have to twirl the hair to gently shape the curl and then toss it over your shoulder when you're done so it's super simple three steps of twist twirl and toss.

 Now you can move on to the next piece so again take another approximate one-inch section and then just smooth it out before you put your straightener or flat iron over the top and again you're going to twist that flat iron 360 degrees away from your face.

 Just make sure that you poke that tail underneath the hair that is attached to your head otherwise it can get a little tangled up so go underneath and you can grab it from behind your ear just like this then gently pull that straightener down the length of your hair if you get a little stuck you can wiggle it along.

 And then grab the end to give me a little more attractive look just be careful if you do this because it can be a little hot gently twirl that piece of hair around your finger to create a curl you want and then toss it over your shoulder.

 And you're ready to jump on to the next piece so it's just that simple twist, twirl and toss this style is super easy to achieve and I promise you can do it just takes a little bit of practice despite all the factors.

curls hairstyle for long hair

It might seem to be pulling the straightener does not hurt you or it's not so tricky but it does take a tiny bit of practice to get it right and you'll find by the time you've done your full head hair you're on track.

 And now can jump over to the next side so it's exactly the same technique just brush through both ends and then clip away the excess always starting from the back and work and complete all the sections.

If your curls are full bouncy and voluminous looks a little tight right now after completing all the sections come to that at the end so at the end take your sections down, if you have thinner or finer hair you might find that you can take larger sections. 

You can twirl or move your fingers through it to loosen up the curls or even brush it once if you want or leave it as it is you like tight curls.

 I would recommend if you do have a straightener that you can control the heat just dial it back a bit it doesn't need to be on the highest heat unless you have particularly coarse really curly hair.

 Just another quick tip or a little warning about those pieces of hair that are around the hairline of your face they can be a little more delicate than the rest of the hair in your head so move that straightener quite quickly through those sections they will curl nicely like the rest of your hair.

 But they just don't need as much heat because they are a little more delicate otherwise if you take too much time you'll end up with loads of frizz ease that you just can't get rid of and this way we've made it to our final section of care.

 I think that's the beauty of the style is that each time you do it it is going to look a little different just make sure that you don't go over the same piece of hair twice if it didn't work out before you leave that piece of hair to cool do the rest of the section and then come back and recall that piece.

 You can shake your curls out you can actually take a petal brush to your hair and lightly brush over your hair or you can just think a toss it and break those curls apart using your fingers now if you have fine hair or hair that's hard to curl and harder to hold a curl.

 I would not recommend brushing your curls out, in fact, I'd recommend letting your curls completely cool before then tossing them or finger combing them just never use a brush on them and especially if you are heading out to an event you would totally leave them whether you have thick hair or fine hair to cool.


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Before you play with them at all this will help ensure the longevity of your curls once you're happy with how your curls look you could then apply a hairspray if you'd like just make sure that you apply it from underneath rather than over the top to hold sections up and spray under otherwise your curls could be weighted down.

 And especially if your hair doesn't hold a curl well you don't want to add that extra weight to the top of the curl and that is it I hope you enjoyed this tutorial hop on over with love comments for more post styling tips to ensure the longevity of your curls for the next three to four days.