Banana face pack for glowing skin to try this winters

In winters we need to take some extra care for our skin to keep our skin naturally glowing and spotless for a longer duration.

Skin tends to lose its natural moisture becomes dry which indeed makes our skin look more lifeless, dull and dehydrated.

Taking care of you doesn't mean you have to take lots and lots of effort to achieve naturally glowing skin.

 Some basic skincare ideas, hydrating face packs will do the work for you, so here is one of your favorite superfood banana, Banana face pack for glowing skin in this winters.

 Which you will be using in 5 different face packs to retain your skin moisture and give instant glow and fairness on the face.

1. Banana & yogurt face pack

Banana and yogurt face pack for glowing skin

Use banana with minimum to no brown spots on it, not only for face packs but also for consuming it.

Take half of the banana or according to your requirement in a clean bowl and mash it with a clean fork or spoon.

 In a way that it turns into a slimy paste-like consistency without leaving any big banana chunks into it as it would be hard to apply it with big chunks.

Now add 1 full spoon of yogurt into the banana face pack and half a tsp of honey into it mix very well and it's ready to use.

Apply on the clean face if you prefer wearing makeup remove makeup before applying this banana face pack.

Now apply a generous amount of this banana yogurt face pack on your entire face, you can also apply it on to your hands if your hands or neck area if it feels dry and dull.

And leave the banana face pack for about 20 to 25 minutes and rinse it off with normal to cold water after 20 to 25 minutes.

Pat dry your face with a clean towel the reason clean is mentioned over here is because facial skin is quite sensitive minor mistakes lead to clogging the pore and acne formation.

Yogurt has skin lightening properties and is very helpful in reducing and removing pimples marks, dark spots and dry patches which usually arise in winters due to dryness.

Yogurt when combined with honey and banana which provides instant glow and also fairness to the skin, if this banana face pack is been use 3 times in a week it will change your skin appearance and can give you spotless skin in 7 days.

2. Banana & apple face pack

Banana and apple face pack for glowing skin

Take 1-2  apple slices, you will have to grate it or you can also blend it which is more convenient for you.

And 2-3 banana slices, take more or less according to your requirements both can be in equal proportions.

Now blend 3 slices of banana along with 1 apple slice and 1 full spoon of sour curd or yogurt into it then blend.

Take it out in clean jar and start applying on your clean face cover your entire face with this banana apple face pack for achieving glowing skin.

You can also apply this banana face pack under eyes or on your dark circles as apple is rich in vitamin A which also helps in lightening skin along with plenty of health benefits.

This banana apple face pack is the best way to simply glow up instantly almost anytime you want to, you can use 2-3 times in a week to get a natural glow on your skin.

Let it stay for about 20 minutes on your face and just be while the face pack is on your face. Do not use face wash for rinsing this face pack. 

Wash your face with cold to room temperature water and pat dry your face after remember to apply moisturizer to seal in hydrated goodness of the face pack.

3. Banana & egg white face pack

winter special banana face pack for glowing tightening skin

You will 1 egg, now separate the egg white and egg yolk you will only need the white part of the egg for this face pack.

Take 2-3 slices of banana mash it really well using a clean fork or spoon, now add 2 spoons the egg white in it mix very well, don't add too much egg white as the face pack might turn too runny and hard to apply.

So add accordingly, you can also add some lemon juice into it now apply on clean face and let it dry and stay for about 15-20 minutes.

Wash it off after 20 minutes and pat dry your face repeat 3 times in a week to get clearer glowing skin fast.

Egg white has tons of skin correcting benefits helps in skin tightening, removes blemishes helps in brightening skin naturally.

If applied on alternate days for 7 days you will notice a clear visible spotless fairer skin in just 7 days itself. 

Egg white face masks also help in reducing wrinkles, tightening of loose sagging skin and gives glowing skin for a long time.

4. Banana & fuller's earth powder ( Multani mitti ) 

winter skincare banana face pack for glowing skin

 You will need a half ripe banana, now add it into the blending jar along with 2 tsp of fuller's earth powder 1-2 tsp of sour curd/ yogurt and half tsp of olive oil.

Now blend all the ingredients well, take it out in a clean jar and start applying on your face, neck and you can also apply it on your darker knuckles.

Apply a thick layer the consistency of this banana face pack should not be too runny now after applying this face pack let it dry and stay for about 30 minutes.

As it is the most cooling and hydrating banana face packs it will give your skin smooth clear texture along with natural glow from the first application itself.

You can also add some honey into it if you want this face mask will remove blemishes, leaving your skin smooth and spotless it is one of the most calming face masks.

Try not to talk or any facial movements while this banana & fuller's earth powder face pack is on your face.

You can use this face mask 2-3 times a week. Rinse your face with cold water with gently massaging your face in circular motions.

Pat dry your face with a clean towel and moisturize your face after sealing the moisture.

5. Banana & orange face pack

Banana and orange juice face pack for glowing skin

You will need 2-3 slices of ripe banana and 2 spoons of freshly squeezed orange juice and 1 spoon of yogurt.

Mash the banana slices in a clean jar, now add 1 spoon of yogurt into it along with 2 spoons of fresh orange juice now mix all the ingredients well together.

You can also blend it if you want rather than mashing the banana make sure you do not leave chunks into the banana face pack though it won't affect its easier to apply without the chunks.

Now take it out in a clean jar and start applying generously on your entire face and hands and let it stay for about good 25-30 minutes.

Now again this banana & orange juice face pack is a hydrating well nourishing face pack, orange juice is rich in vitamin C  it is one of the instant game-changer as of your mood, body, health and also skin health.

Has plenty of skin benefits provides instant glow and fairness to the skin, good for anti-aging provides a natural glow to the skin and when combined with banana and yogurt it does all good to your skin.

Leaving your skin glowing, youthful and supple after the first application itself if used once in 2 days for about 8 days will leave you with spotless glowing and flawless skin in just 3- 7 days itself.

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