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How To Reduce Face Fat Naturally From Unlikely Sources

Due to busy schedule and unhealthy lifestyle most of us end up getting overweight and get an bulky heavier face its not that chubby cheeks aren't cute chubby cheeks are way very adorable on little kids and toddlers.

But apart from toddlers older people with bulky heavier face usually crave for firmer toned face and doesn't want that extra fat hanging on their face which is most common thing for most of us .

Heavier face / heavier body weight is not healthy as well as it can make you look older comparative to your age which may indeed lower self esteem at times.

Bloated/ heavier face are usually the results of heavier body weight which is increased by any of this reasons like not having proper routine, late eating habits, eating junks more , inadequate sleep pattern , Most bizarre now a days stress , Increase in work load tiredness , unhealthy diet , overeating , least body movement etc .

This were some reasons / habits which basically leads to increase in body weight and eventually fats are increase in overall all body parts like face , stomach and arms among this all in order to reduce face fat or even arm fat you need to reduce your overall weight.

Because spot treatment is not applicable/it doesn't works in reducing face fat or even arm fat and its the most important thing to know and to remember .

Face fat can be reduce with undertaking some natural and simple measures which eventually works and gets you the desired results you have to be consistent and regular while performing this habits results will be obtained in 3 to 4 weeks completely and you will start noticing difference from the first week itself.

So here; some tips -
How To Reduce Face Fat Naturally From unlikely sources

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How To Reduce Face Fat Naturally From Unlikely Sources

Burn fat fast

To reduce face fat firstly you have to reduce weight it is a slow process but including a small session of exercise every day will eventually get you the results start with doing 10 minutes session everyday. and start increasing the session time.

Fats can be burned in many forms and in many ways try to give more movement to your body by walking more than regular using stairs, running , cycling, playing whichever is more convenient to you the idea is to get more body movement than regular.

Start going for a walk in morning this will you in burning calories , Aerobics and dance sessions everyday are way best for burning fats of the body.

As the body weight is reduced the body start using the fats which is stored in the face , neck and arms of the body. It is necessary to exercise 20 - 30 minutes each day it will also increase blood circulation and stamina .

Say No to Sugar and Sodium

Keep a check on salt and sugar consumptions in your everyday diet avoid eating salty food. It is hard to cut down sugar and salt completely from your so you need to slowly reduce its amount on everyday basis.

Things you should Avoid / say No to

Soft drinks , beverages , Sweet drinks.

Ice-creams and chocolates.

Soda and replace it by lemon juice.

Table sugar and brown sugar.

Removing this things from diet will make more energetic and less lazy and less exhausted.

 Prefer eating - Things you should have in your diet.

Prefer raw honey over sugar in your diet.

Dairy products - Drink fat free milk or skim milk as it is good for health prefer low fat cheese and butter over normal cheese and butter .

Milk has saturated fats in it which is not good for health but you can remove/avoid that by consuming low fat milk , skim milk or no fat milk and getting most nutrients out of it and avoiding the extra calories part from it.

Have unflavoured and fat free yogurt instead of regular one.

You can opt for artificial sweeteners but try to avoid that to. You can have low fat butter instead of regular butter.

Prefer salads and fruits more and more in your diet . Drink more water everyday you can have
 detox water . When body is hydrated it can lose weight fast as comparative to when it is dehydrated only having a balanced diet will not work your body should be hydrated too.

You should drink about 8 - 12 glasses of water in entire day this will help you to stay hydrated and let you consume less amount of calories , will also increase your metabolism for some time. Staying hydrated will decrease fluid retention and reduce bloating and puffiness face or belly.

Dehydration sometimes is the reason for water retention in face which causes puffy face .

Facial exercise to lose face fat

pout more

You need move your facial muscles to get a toned and slimmer face this will help you loose facial fat .
Pout your lips while looking upwards and stay in the same for 10 - 15 seconds and than rest your face after that repeat this session 4 to 5 times in a day . This will sharpen your jaw line and help you to achieve toned face. 

You have to be patient because this will take time things does not work overnight so you need to be patient and consistant in doing this yes it works just be constant because removing face fat is slow process but it works well.

Fish lips 

Suck your cheeks inwards such that your lips makes fish shape by pucking it in fish shape and stay at this position for 5 to 6 seconds. This will not only give your face muscles movement but also improve blood circulation and make your skin glow as well .

Blow balloons

when blowing ballons we can have  great muscle workout which instantly makes your face bit warm and improves blood circulation fast as well this will make skin healthy as well as helps burning out face fat as well. Ty blowing balloons atleast 2 times in a day .

Chew sugar free gums 

How To Reduce Face Fat From Unlikely Sources

Chewing is another good facial exercise and has good benefits in terms of facial fat  start chewing sugar free chewing gums that will really help you or you can also start chewing fennel seeds which will also work very well.

Sleep well

Not having a proper sleep pattern stress can also lead to weight gain or bloated face  in order to achieve slimmer toned face you should also have enough sleep,  you have to follow all the other steps mentioned above to achieve results fast.

Prefer having Lemons

How To Reduce Face Fat From Unlikely Sources

Include apple cider vineger in your diet it cuts down fats in our body , So does lemon as well you can have lemon juice water in the morning empty stomach this is most helpful drink and it helps in cutting down fat / loosing weight and also add on more benefits it helps in flushing out toxins from body and give you a glowing clear skin after continuosly drinking it .

When consumed it also makes a person more energytic and refreshed in whole day if you dont want to use vineger you can have lemons which is very beneficial for health.

Take a glass of lukewarm water now squeeze lemon juice in it , 1 tsp lemon juice mix well add half tsp of honey if you want have this directly in empty stomach early morning .

Preferable Meal

How To Reduce Face Fat From Unlikely Sources

You should include more leafy vegetables and fruits have it in differents forms as salads and juices or smoothies . Have lean proteins and lean meat in your diet. Fishes are also very good .

Following this steps will  help you achieve  slimmer face if done consistantly hope this article might help you .