This article is all about how to remove pimples top ideas which actually works well in getting rid of pimples. Firstly its important to know why is pimple occurring on your face and their types.

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Why do pimples occur on face

Pimples are the results of excessive sebum and dead skin cells which clog pores of skin not only this they are caused by various reasons like adolescence most often it occurs in adolescence its the most common issues we may face in our day to day life we just want to get rid of it anyways.

Pimples may occur due to hormonal changes in teenage boys and girls.


To directly know  how to remove pimple Top working ideas to get rid of pimples asap scroll down

Pimples also occurs by touching your face with dirty hands, not removing makeup before going to bed, makeup cosmetic reactions, not getting adequate sleep and hydration.

So here are  Top working ideas to get rid of pimples asap which did worked for me well and worked for almost everyone .

List of how to remove pimple top working ideas

Pimples can be treated most effectively by spot treatments which means applying a pimple curing masks on pimple spots which are easily available at home below are some mask for pimple spot treatment.

Sandalwood powder + honey mask 

Mix both the ingredients and apply on the pimple spots before going to bed.
Sandalwood has the cooling property in it and honey has anti microbial property in it.

This paste has the ability to reduce the pimple size from first use and due to natural and chemical free nature does not irritates skin. 

Applying this overnight removes pimples from face time may vary according to skin type but works for everyone.
Sandalwood powder used in this should be pure and raw honey.


Cinnamon powder + honey mask

Cinnamon improves skin complexion and is anti-inflammatory in nature mixing it with honey works as pimple removal technique since ages.
Take 1 tsp cinnamon powder + half tsp honey mix well
Apply on the pimples and let it stay overnight you will notice a significant difference .

Lemon + honey mask 

Take half tsp of lemon juice + honey mix well
Apply on the pimples and let it stay overnight wash it off in morning .
Lemon has citrus acid in it which is very good for skin whitening and acne cure.

Applying this for 3 days will remove pimples and will give you clear skin.

Tea tree essential oil & Peppermint essential oil for removing pimples

 Tea tree essential oil & Peppermint essential oil

Tea tree oil has terpinene-4-o in it which makes it more effective on pimples rather than any commercial creams.
Take 1 tsp olive oil and add 1 or 2 drops of tea tree oil to it and apply this oil with q tip on the pimples before going to bed its important to dilute the any essential oil before applying .

It works as an antiseptic and it naturally cures pimples.
will reduce the redness of pimple and will help to dry it up.
Keep it away from eyes.

Ice cubes

ice cubes

Ice cubes are very good at reducing pimple size and redness of pimples it not only reduces the size of pimple but also improves blood circulation when used on face.
Take 1 or 2  ice cubes and wrap it in a thin clean cloth now place/apply this on pimples for 2 to 3 minutes .

This will eventually shrink the pimple swelling and irritation and reduce its size as well.

Below are some quick fixes idea which removes pimples fast but should not be used to often on skin this removes pimples but may irritate your skin.


Most commonly used now a days to remove pimples quickly yes it does removes pimples very fast from face after applying it directly on pimples for overnight.
And eventually pimples disappears in morning.
well it also irritates the pimples and should not be used often.

Use white colour toothpaste on pimple rather than a coloured or striped toothpaste .Toothpaste contains baking soda which helps the pimples to dry out fast.

White coloured toothpaste is active at pimples rather than coloured or gel toothpaste.You can use this 2 to 3 times in a week on the pimples not more than it.

Listerine mouthwash for pimples

Applying Listerine with q tip on the pimples and letting it stay for sometimes reduces pimples and helps to remove it as well.

should not be used often on skin it might irritates skin.
Don't try it if you have acne prone skin.

Baking soda for pimples

1 tsp of baking soda + half tsp honey.
Baking soda also helps in skin whitening
Apply this on pimples and let it stay for 15 minutes and rinse it off.

Baking soda helps out to dry out pimples fast exfoliates skin but should not be used often on skin it might dry out your skin .
Apply moisturizer after that.

It can also be mixed with aloe gel and apply on pimples .

Aspirin tablets for pimples

Take 2 aspirin tablets and out 2-3 drops of water and make a paste apply this on pimples for 15-20 minutes and wash it off after.

Aspirin tablets have the ability to significantly reduce pimples redness and size due to its anti-inflammatory in nature.

gel base cleanser

Tips to remember for  pimples treatment

Wash your face twice a day not more than it be gentle while cleansing /washing your face pat dry gently on skin .

Do not rub , squeeze or prick on pimple it will make it worst and spread bacteria don't touch your face with dirty hands or even with dirty handkerchief.

Use a gel base face wash/cleanser on your face .

Well hydrate your skin apply moisturizer and try to use less makeup remove makeup before going to bed tone your skin with a toner.

Use washed clean pillow cases as it touches your face for long time.