This article definitely might help you in achieving healthy glowing skin naturally. In this article, you will get to know how to get spotless skin in 7 days to follow the tips shared below to enhance your skin health and to maintain it.

Some most effective skincare tips and genuine habits shared below to get healthy looking spotless skin by following simple habits/skincare tips

How to get spotless skin  in 7 days

If you are like me who wants to take less affords and want to achieve clear and gorgeous skin than this article might help you in getting clear and healthy-looking skin.

In our busy schedule to and tiring day, you don't have the time to take care of yourself properly whether it's your skin or your health.we just tend to ignore its importance or its not possible for us do several skincare regimes.

Top 9 - beauty tips for face to get spotless skin in 7 days

So here are some simplest habits/skincare tips to get much more effects by doing less, how to get spotless skin in 7 days 

1. Exfoliate/scrub your skin


Exfoliating/scrubbing your skin will remove dead skin cells, sebum's, dirt, pollutants from your skin giving it a smoother look.

It prevents and removes blackheads and whiteheads from your skin.

Use organic natural exfoliate for your skin and should be done 3 to 5 minutes not more than it.

You should exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week. Use the same scrub to exfoliate your lips as well it makes your lips more plump and beautiful.

2. Applying face pack

This is a very important step and has very good effects as well but it requires more time 
then the rest of the habits/ideas shared in the article.

Applying face pack twice a week is preferable for enhancing your skin health, glow, complexion.

Ideally, any face masks should be kept for 15-20 minutes after applying on your face.
You can use a good quality organic face pack from the or you can even use homemade face pack for glowing skin DIYs are always a good choice.

You can apply different face packs as per your skin condition and requirement like if you have dull and lifeless skin and want to have glowing skin then try to use honey in your face masks boost your skin and make it radiant almost instantly.

3. Facial  Steaming  

facial steam

Taking steam once or twice a week is very important and good for your skin health.

Take steam for 10 minutes once or twice a week, you can use a facial steamer humidifier if you have one.

Remove makeup if you are wearing.

Cleanse your face with any mild cleanser or just with water just make sure your face is clean before taking steam that's it.

Take steam from a distance not to close to hot water else it might burn or cause irritation to your skin.

It's a very good idea for the one with acne-prone skin, This technique is used for a long while to achieve good healthy glowing skin.

See what’s a facial steamer humidifier 👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻

4. Using facial toner

How to get spotless skin in 7 days with rose hip toner

                       Rose hip facial toner        Good vibes   

Personally, I have used Rose hip serum to get glowing skin and it has worked quite a lot for me in order to get glowing skin and also it makes quite supple and smooth after applying it, so it’s way too get glowing skin and also it kind of boosts skin and makes it plump if you use it consistently.

It does a great job that way it is non sticky and gets absorbed in skin real quick on dry to combination skin and regarding the price it’s not to expensive as well.

It also gave me mild acne breakouts after applying it, but only to me had been used by my other family members and they were blessed with glow and no breakouts for them.

If you wish to get it you can get it  Rose hip serum for glowing skin. get a smaller bottle if you are not sure about how it’s going to work 10 ml is available.

Using facial toners prevents pimples from occurring it cleanses the skin.

 Removes dirt and excessive oil secretion of the skin helps and maintains the pH level of the skin.

 Toner should be applied after cleansing your face a small amount of toner will do !!

You can use any good quality rose water simplest way to use rose water as a toner, take a small amount of rose water or any good toner in a cotton pad and dab it on your face let it dry on its own.

 Toner should be applied before moisturizing our skin.

5. Oil cleansing or massaging

how to get spotless skin in 7 days from oil cleansing and masssage

These terms look way bigger but you don't need to do much for it

All you need is your preferable oil which suits your skin type.

I use /suggest olive oil, virgin coconut oil or even petroleum jelly works best.

Apply a generous amount of your preferred oil or petroleum jelly on your face in a circular and upward motion gently.

And let it stay for 3 to 5 minutes then wipe it off with clean cotton balls or tissues.

What it does to your skin

It cleanses your face and removes dirt, pollution effects, dullness, and makeup residues and makes your skin feel clean and light.

It only requires 3 to 5 minutes in the entire day which is probably worth an add on habits to the daily routine.

Coconut oil might cause a breakout to some do patch test or use other options. 
Usually, it does not cause breakout but in rare cases.

I use olive oil more often then coconut oil and it doesn’t cause breakouts on my skin which is dry to combination type, If you want you can get it from here I have been using this brand for a while  now get  Olive oil

6. Drinking detox water

how to get spotlesss skin in 7 days by detox water

Most ignored and underrated suggestion drink water I know you heard it several times but it really helps.

Consuming detox water will significantly hydrate your skin and give it a natural glow.

Drinking detox water helps our body to get rid of toxins.

Detox water also helps in losing weight, you can add some chia seeds into water along with some fresh lime juice and have it helps in weight loss and also in keeping you hydrated for longer period of time.

Chia seeds have tons and tons of skin had health benefits it keeps you full for long period of time along with giving your skin elasticity and glowing after consuming it consistently. Consuming it will make you feel more refreshed and good.

You have never tried chia seeds before you can get Chia seeds

Eat fruits or make smoothies and juices to get glowing skin and natural pinkish tint on cheeks and also to stay healthy, after having this drink you probably have to answer people did you started applying blush too often.

    7. Apply a lightweight serum 

    serum for spotless skin in 7 days

    After cleansing your face apply a generous amount of any serum. It will sip inside your skin which will improve your skin texture.

    Use an organic serum or prepare it by yourself at home by natural ingredients if you don't know it has got way too simpler steps to do.

    If you make it for yourself then you know what exactly you are applying to your skin well it's completely optional to do at your convenience.

    what it does to your skin

    It overall hydrates and nourishes your skin which eventually makes it look healthier and glowing.

    Serums help the skin to improve and maintain its texture its a must-have thing for your skin.

    if you don't know what is serum and how to make it then to know complete detail about serum at home .!!

    If you want to spurge some money on your skincare then you could definitely go for klairs vitamin C serum which is an amazing serum you will love it from the first use itself but always use a sunscreen after vitamin c serum you will definitely love your skin more after this step. 

    If you got any doubts regarding this you can dM me on my Instagram I’d - @glamcrazze or you could comment below 

    8. Use tissue wipes for your face

    how to get spotless skin in 7 days

    Using a tissue or wet wipes on your face while working, traveling, outdoors or in your working hours to wipe out your face to remove sweat, pollutants, etc from the face.

    Never to touch your face with dirty hands or while working /traveling this transfer pollutants to your face which indeed causes breakouts and other skin issues.

    Using/implementing these habits in your daily routine will definitely give you the visible difference in 7 days and including this routine will maintain your improvement and will keep on enhancing its effects.

    9. Use a moisturizer for dry skin face 

    Now again as it is suggested to stay hydrated and consume more liquid whether it is fruit juices, detox water or regular water the idea is to keep our skin well-nourished along with consuming food which is good for skin, you also need to protect your skin from externally. 

    Due to a change in temperature and exposure to pollution skin tends to lose its moisture which indeed makes it look dull, dry and flaky which does not make it look healthy either.

    So it becomes very essential to apply a moisturizer to keep our skin well hydrated and to lock intact the moisture of the skin, losing skin moisture makes our skin look much older to the actual age.

    Use any lightweight suitable moisturizer as per your skin type it will keep your skin moisture intact and hydrated for a longer time if you prefer luxurious products or accessories than you can go for one of the top-rated high-end Clinique 72-hour Spurge moisturizers which are kind very trendy.

    clinique moisture spurge

    Or if you prefer an affordable product with almost the same benefits than you can also go for Neutrogena HydroBoost Water Gel which is way affordable and also have the same benefits. 

    10. Eat healthy food

    healthy food for spotless skin

    Yeah eating a well-balanced diet has a wholesome effect on your skin, hair and overall health, It's very important to eat good food and cut down junk food to minimal and start replacing junk food with a bowl of nuts and salads.

    Include more of vitamin C rich fruits in diet its good for glowing skin, start including avocado's, salmons, tomatoes, oranges and more leafy veggies in your diet.

    Getting clear glowing and healthy-looking skin instantly by application of any packs or chemical influenced products yeah these things will help you but its effects would be instant but it won't stay for long. So I don't think so going after these things/products, again and again, wouldn't be convenient for everyone and as per your skin type.

    So I suggest this simplest and effective How to get spotless skin in 7 days must include habits for you. I hope you like it let me know in comments! DO LIKE SHARE AND COMMENT if you like it Thank you