Getting dewy glow and pinkish tint on your cheeks are not the things, which could be only possible with makeup yeah anyways you can enhance it with makeup and make it appear more appealing;

Girl with pinkish  glow on skin naturally

One glass of fruit smoothie will help you achieve your desired skin fast just grabbing this one glass every morning or you have to get it from your nearest smoothie king center. So if you are like me who can't perform various beauty rituals or regimes for perfect skin then you should try it out once and once you see it by yourself you won't deny drinking it further.

Top 3 - Ideal fruit smoothies to get a natural spotless glow on the skin - How to make fruit smoothies to get a natural glow on the skin 

1)  Beetroot smoothie to get a glow and pinkish tint on the skin naturally 

Beetroot  to get glow on skin naturally

 To prepare this smoothie you will need a carrot, beetroot, and orange no additional sugar and ice cubes needed. It's a quick recipe to grab it blend it and have it as simple as that fruits and vegetables used in the smoothies are best for detoxifying.

  • Take 1 orange, 1 beetroot &1 carrot peel of the skin and wash properly.
  • Now chop beetroot and carrot roughly remove the seeds of oranges it's totally optional.
  • Now put the chopped beetroot, carrot along with orange into the blender juicer.
  • You need to extract the juice of these fruits /veg's and your drink is ready.
  • Have one glass of this glow smoothie in your breakfast, early morning is the best time to have it as it works better for your skin empty stomach. Try it for yourself you will definitely notice changes according to skin type.

2)  Apple smoothie to get a glow and pinkish tint on the skin naturally 

apple smoothie to get glow on skin naturally

For making this apple combination smoothie to get a glow on the skin naturally, you will need 1 apple, half beetroot, 1 carrot, half tomato. All the vegetables and fruits here give desired results in its noticeable from almost the first day or first two days of this smoothie.

  • Dice off 1 whole apple and half tomato after washing it remove seeds of the apple.
  • Peel the skin of beetroot and carrot and chop it in smaller pieces now add all the vegetables and fruit in the blender juicer and blend you can add some water as it turns out the thick inconsistency, which is a bit difficult to swallow.
  • You can stain the smoothie or can have it as it is after blending it, having it without staining is quite more beneficial as it has fibers in it and does more detoxifying toxins from the body. It might not taste that good but has the capacity to change your body's immunity in a good way.

And improving your overall health and skin health drastically starting from a couple of days, you can have it in morning empty stomach to get the cure to almost all your skin issues and actually have that dewy glow and pinkish tint on the skin without makeup.

You can have 1 glass apple smoothie in the entire day's best time to have in the morning. It might not taste like mikes shake but it has a cure to issues and can benefit you in the desired way. Try it out yourself and let me know in the comments below.

3) Dragon fruit smoothie to get the glow and pinkish tint on the skin naturally 

dragon fruit  to get glow on skin naturally

Dragon fruits are from cactus species which don't relate over here it has lots of good properties which are less likely known till now it has a rich source of antioxidants which fights free radicals, has anti-aging properties.

Loaded with vitamin C, magnesium and iron which indeed provide tons of health and skin benefits, cures sunburn, acne due to the presence of anti-oxidants it slows down aging and gives a good texture and firmer look to the skin.

 For preparing dragon fruit smoothie -you will need 1 dragon fruit, milk, and honey.

Peel of / remove the pink skin of the fruit and dice it off, now add the diced pieces in the blender juices add some milk to make it smooth in consistency add 1 tsp honey that's it, dragon fruit ideal smoothie is ready to consume.

You can have a dragon fruit smoothie to get glowing and healthy-looking skin in the morning 1 glass in the entire day. Try it yourself and let me know how it works for you.

 Beetroot is rich in vitamin A&C  has dietary factors which help in losing weight, purifies blood removes toxins from our body. It lowers blood pressure and improves our immunity.   Anti-tumor in nature.
 Carrot is rich in vitamin A, K, C&Beta-carotene, drinking carrot juice gives lots of benefits good for skin, hair and eyesight, apart from this it also helps in weight management. 

Orange is a good source of vitamin C, B&A, oranges are instant mood boosters and hydrates our skin, these 3 juice are good for skin glow and whitening, oranges are so good in making skin glow that it's been used widely in face masks and creams for instant glowing spotless skin.                                                      


What it does for your skin

This combination of these vegetables and fruits are best to get a glow on the skin naturally consumption of these types of juices are very important in maintaining and having a healthy-looking skin.

It will remove toxicity from your body and purify blood which is very important for our health improving health internally is mandatory it's like what's inside reflects outside.

If you are healthy internally it will reflect in your appearance so you have to be healthy first because makeup is just for enhancing your features it's not the complete solution for beauty.

Consuming this drink makes your skin look beautiful fights against skin damage caused by pollution and also reduces wrinkles and maintains skin texture. So give it a try. Let me know if you liked it๐Ÿ˜Š!#Most genuine way to get Gorgeous skin.  Do try it for yourself and let me how it worked for you.