To look beautiful without makeup you need to include these beauty tips in your life, this beauty & health tips will enhance your overall looks and health will eventually make you look beautiful even without makeup.

Makeup enhances our facial features and makes as look pretty, but what if you look beautiful without makeup or with minimum makeup?

1. Moisturize your skin well

How to look beautiful without makeup while moisturizing skin

You need to moisturize your skin very every day without any fail to look beautiful without makeup, keep in mind moisturizing your skin is not the same as applying makeup on your skin. 

Moisturizing skin is one of the most ignored beauty tips till now, you may be knowing this previously but you ignored it before because you felt it's not worthy.

But the fact is moisturizing your skin is one of the most important steps you need to carry forward to maintain your skin healthy glowing and beautiful.

Same as you apply petroleum jelly on your chapped or dry lips to keep it hydrated and prevent your lips from drying out, you should apply moisturizer on your skin as well.

As the skin loses its moisture, it tends to make you look older as compared to your present age, skin start looking dull and lifeless and also unhealthy.

And if you tend to use makeup to hide this unhealthy, dry dull and lifeless skin you may fix it with makeup but for a short period of time.

A well-moisturized, hydrated and nourished skin looks beautiful than the other in which only makeup is being applied.

You need to apply a lightweight moisturizer every day on your skin to keep your skin hydrated and to maintain the moisture level of your skin.

And twice in a day during winters, or whenever you feel dryness reapply moisturizer, Always use a lightweight good moisturizer which suits your skin well.

Here are some good moisturizer available;

Nivea Soft Light Moisturizer Berry Blossom is a moisturizing cream that has non-greasy texture makes skin feel refreshing leaving it with a soft, smooth texture.

It is lightweight and absorbs fast in the skin has good effects on skin and you can make a difference from the first application itself.

You can apply on face, neck, hands without feeling a heavy or greasy small portion of the cream is enough for and stays for a longer period of time.

Nivea Soft Light Moisturizer is suitable for all skin types and can be used by women and men as well .

Unlike other winter creams, it doesn't leave a greasyoily feeling on the skin. A small amount is required during each use that makes it a long-lasting product. Suitable for all skin types and ideal to use by men, women, and children

It is one of the Good budget-friendly moisturizers. 

Neutrogena hydra boost gel comes in a tub and the actual packaging looks like beautiful glass blue and has fragrance.

 when opened it the product looks and it smells like the ocean in this bottle, this product actually works extremely hydrating and it gets absorbed in the skin super quick and little goes a long way with this product as well.

It keeps your skin hydrated at least combination skin and also sure for people with oily skin as well that it keeps your skin hydrated all day long clearly, you have to use it twice a day. 

As compared to Nivea soft light moisturizer this Neutrogena hydra boost gel is a drug store product and retails 50gms for 840 rs.

Here comes the high-end luxurious moisturizer Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator 

This moisturizer performs best for combination, dry skin face now this moisturizer comes in packaging like it's a beautiful mint green kind of packaging and it's actually a very luxurious tub.

 The product itself is pink in color it's very nice as a soft pink color, and this actually is fragrance-free however it has a very slight mild fragrance but it's not very strong.

This is a High-end luxurious moisturizer used by most professional makeup artists and is one of the good brands.

2. Reduce dairy products intake

How to look beautiful without makeup removing dairy products from diet

Cutting down dairy products from diet or reducing its consumption will improve your skin health, yeah it's not a myth this is for real.

If you have saggy skin laying around your face with uneven skin color or acne and marks which is not leaving you not because they love you but because of you don't let it go and fade away.

Give this a try by reducing dairy products in your diet and later on try to replace it with some good food products. 

This reduces and replacement of dairy products from your diet will help one more step closer to your question of how to look beautiful without makeup.

 Reducing and removing dairy products from your diet will prevent you from bloating, heavy face, sagging skin, acne, and cystic acne even dark circles and puffiness.

Dairy products like milk, cheese, butter along with sugar and salt should be reduced from diet and then cut off from the diet. 

3. Remove makeup

How to look beautiful without makeup removing makeup properly

If you wear makeup or if you wear makeup occasionally in both the cases it is very very important to remove makeup properly from your skin and leave no residue of it on face or skin.

If you wear makeup more often and you are too tired to remove your makeup off , so you leave it on skin before going bed than this will damage your skin.

And it will cause many skin issues like pimples, flaky skin or any other skin problem, makeup is a usually heavy inconsistency which is not supposed to stay on your skin forever.

Your skin does reap any nourishment from makeup so there's no chance of getting any skin benefit or nourishment from it.

Remove makeup properly if you wear makeup before going to bed, use micellar water (makeup remover) to remove makeup properly.

You can also use a Diy makeup remover to remove makeup and yes it has the ability to nourish your skin.

Olive oil and petroleum jelly both can be used as a DIY makeup remover and it works best for skin for all skin types.

All you need to do is take some amount of olive oil or petroleum jelly vaseline in your palm apply a generous amount on your face now start massaging your face or rubbing on your face.

You will notice the makeup foundation, lipstick, kajal everything just coming off on your palms while rubbing olive oil into your face.

Now wipe your face with a clean tissue or a clean cloth, you are done with taking off your makeup properly.

You can now wash your face with a cleanser now if you want or leave it this both are fine.

4.Drink detox water

How to look beautiful woman makeup and with healthy diet

In order to stay healthy and keep our skin glowing, you should be hydrated enough that will make you feel the better and more productive entire day.

it's not all about the makeup you need to hydrate yourself well to look plump and have healthy glowing skin.

For that most important step is to drink at least 8 glasses of water in the entire day infuse plain water with some cucumber slices, lime, and mint leaves in 3 -4 liters of water.

Now consume this water on the entire you can refrigerate it , but you need to consume this entire and every day in order to get glowing beautiful skin without makeup.

You will feel more energized when you start consuming detox water every day and this will clear and clean out the toxins from your body.

This indeed will reflect in your skin and body thou body removes toxins on its own this also one of the best ways to stay healthy. 


How to look beautiful without makeup starting just by exfoliating skin

The skin should be exfoliated for once a week to remove off the dead and dry skin tissues from the skin along with blackheads and whiteheads.

Blackheads and whiteheads really look bad on the skin, sometimes exfoliating skin removes the old acne marks from the skin.

It cleans face and skin look smooth soft and also removes that grainy texture from the skin which does not look good on the skin.

If you wear makeup on top of whiteheads this kind of seems more visible, so you need to exfoliate your skin gently at least once in a week.

And apply moisturizer after washing your face.

6 - Apply a face mask 

How to look beautiful without makeup is by using facemask for glowing skin

To nourish our skin,  and look. beautiful without makeup you need to take care of your skin well that will make glow naturally.

Applying a face mask for at least once a week is important to maintain the natural glow of our skin, apply any good face mask at weekends which will take about 15- 30 minutes in an entire week.

Applying face masks will make your skin spotless and glowing in less time and will help you maintain it.

Use any facemask which suits your skin type and works best for you, you can use a face mask twice a week.

7. Groom your eyebrows

How to look beautiful without makeup groom your eyebrows well

You look different when you groom your eyebrows by giving it a definite shape according to your face, yeah and it does make you look better well put together .

If you do the wrong way or make a mistake while shaping your eyebrows, you kind of get the anxious look till the eyebrows grow back again.

You need to make sure you get your eyebrows shaped and groomed according to your face shape this can lift up all the right features of your face and will make you look more polished .

Perfectly groomed eyebrows frame the eye makes it look more attractive while highting the best features of the face it helps you look beautiful without wearing makeup as well.

8. Sleep well

How to look beautiful without makeup get a beauty sleep

It is very important to complete your sleep and take rest on an entire day.

A goodnight's sleep is as important as performing an exercise the way our body needs to work out, it also needs to calm down and relax. 

If you are doing every other thing for your skin health except having a goodnight's sleep.

You end up looking tired unhealthy pale dark circles around your eyes arises and that doesn't look beautiful even if you apply makeup on it.

You need to sleep 7 hours every night that is required by your body not more than it.

Your skin will relax this time, breath and you will wake-up with morning glow on your face.

Performing these steps daily will help you look beautiful without makeup and this will also clear your doubt of how to look beautiful without makeup.

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