Home remedy to get rid of split ends

So we'll begin with looking at the ingredients the very first ingredient which we need is coconut cream nowhere I've taken this 100% natural Cara UHT coconut milk now this is easily available in all the supermarket's drugstores and other pharmacies this 100% natural coconut cream.

 You can take any brand of coconut milk or coconut cream but make sure that it is free of any kind of preservative sugar or any other chemical you can also make your own coconut cream at home. 

The other ingredient which we need is some glycerine now glycerine is also easily available with all the pharmacists now I'm going to mix these two ingredients in a clean bowl.

1. Split ends home remedy - hair mask

 Take the cream as per the requirement of your hair here I'm taking roughly 4 tablespoons of coconut milk or maybe half the cup so I think this is enough to cover my hair right from the scalp to the roots, now I'm going to pour some glycerine as well I'm taking roughly 1 tablespoon of glycerine.

 Glycerine is extremely hydrating for hair it makes your hair very very soft and nourished people who don't want to apply oil in the hair if they have any acne problems they can surely go for glycerine.

Now I'm going to take a clean spoon and start ripping it together so now I'm going to take oil to a brush and start dipping it in the coconut milk and begin the application on my head.

 You can apply using a cotton ball or a brush to apply please apply on clean hair and use clean cotton, but I find this the easiest way of the application you can easily get into the roots of your hair and ensure an even application.

 Keep special attention on the hair tips or any way you have split ends because split ends happen only because our hair doesn't get enough nourishment Try to focus more on the ends of your hair. 

2. Split ends home remedy - Hair mask 

 This is also effective for dry and frizzy hair, to begin with, we have to prepare coconut milk for that you will need; one coconut, half lemon, 2 tbsp milk and a knife, blender ball clean muslin cloth.

 so first cut your coconut into small pieces by using a knife or a coconut scraper for greater whatever is convenient for you you could use that but for me cutting them into small pieces using a knife is very convenient.

 so I am just going to use my knife and I will cut them into small pieces because anyways we are going to make a smooth paste out of this coconut to extract coconut milk, so using a knife to cut it into small pieces.

Its quite easy but if you are not familiar with a knife you could use coconut scrapper just scrap it like this and you will get flex though of this coconut just put it in a blender and blend it to a smooth paste.

The instance I have very short hair I am just going to take a quarter cup of coconut from this and if you have longer you could even take some more coconut pieces so now add those.

Coconut pieces into a blender into this, add 2 tbsp of milk and 1 tbsp of water just to make a smooth paste otherwise your coconut will be very dry and it is very hard to extract milk so you can add a little bit of water ,but don't add a lot of water so just blend them to a very smooth paste .

Now take a bowl and place sieve over it and cover it with washed plain or cotton cloth so this helps to hold the cloth well so add your coconut paste into this cloth in hold the cloth altogether and if you stain, the coconut milk will be extracted and will be collected into the bowl.

So you have to squeeze as much as you can to get all the coconut milk from this coconut now I am done with squeezing and here is my homemade coconut milk.

Now here, we have to make coconut cream so for that we have to squeeze out the lemon juice into this coconut milk, squeeze out the lemon juice into this fourth quarter coconut.

you will get half a cup of coconut milk and with this coconut for half a cup of coconut milk, you have to add half lemon juice or our two tablespoons of lemon juice so this lemon juice will cover this coconut milk and it will become like a cream.

  Just mix lemon juice and coconut milk well and place this coconut mixture into your refrigerator for 30 minutes and after 30 minutes your coconut milk will turn into coconut cream, previously it had a liquid consistency and now it turns into a creamy consistency.

 At this stage, you will see, how creamy it has become and this coconut cream is ready to apply. Now how to apply it to your hair just divide your hair into two and just comb your hair well so that you can apply this coconut cream very easily.

  Here is my preferred coconut cream and if you have very dry skin then you can also use this on your face as well, so now take each strand of your hair separately and start applying this coconut cream starting from your hair root till the hair end.

And apply more coconut cream where you have a lot of split ends because this cream is very very effective if you have a split ends so apply more coconut cream where you have a lot of split ends and make sure you are covering all of your hair after applying all over your scalp.

Home remedy to get rid of split ends

 Let the hair cream stay on your hair for at least 1 hour and after 1 hour, take a hair wash with lukewarm water and if you feel your hair is very oily you could also wash your hair with a mild shampoo and make sure you are using lukewarm water.

Don't use hot water or very chilled water use lukewarm water and you need to apply this coconut cream at least twice in a week for best results endure it is my hundred-percent assurance if you follow this home remedy regularly your split ends will disappear so if you have any leftover coconut cream.

You could also store it in or freeze it and you can use it for two weeks also so I hope this article is really helpful for you and if you want more natural beauty tips remember to share and comment below   thank you .!!!