Girl with smooth straight hair

Wondering about how to get silky, smooth and shiny hair and dramatically change your dull and lifeless looking hair.

If yes then this article will help you know various hair mask and hair care tips to get silky smooth hair almost overnight changes in appearance can be noticed.

Hair loses its shine/luster when you use too many harsh chemicals products on it, heated hairdryers, straighteners, curler's and so on.

To bring back shine to your hair and make it silky smooth all you need to do is use a DIY hair mask.

 Apply DIY hair shine spray and follow some simple tips doing this will make your hair silky smooth, you will notice visible results overnight.

 Hair mask to get silky smooth hair

Here are some DIY hair masks from all-natural and accessible ingredients and no side effects for best results. You can also try a hair mask to achieve thicker and longer hair, best 3 hair mask to get silky hair overnight.

1. Egg white and yogurt mask

Egg white seperation

You will need: 1 egg, 3 tbsp thick yogurt

2 tsp coconut oil, 5 - 6 drops of lavender essential oil ( optional)

Take a clean bowl now add 1 egg and 3 tsp of thick yogurt to it mix it very well such you are no longer left with lumps of yogurt in your mask.

Now add 2 to 3 tsp of coconut or any of your favorite oil to the hair mask and 5- 6 drops of lavender essential oil.

You can skip essential oil if you want using it will give you some good experience. Mix all the ingredients well.

Application of the hair mask

Detangle your hair and part in small sections than start applying this hair mask from the scalp to the roots of your hair.

Focus more on your hair while applying this hair mash. Wear a shower cap after applying this hair mask as it is too runny.

Leave the mask on for at least 45 minutes to 1 hour the more you keep much better results you get.

Rinse it off with cold water, shampoo and conditioner after that you can use a mild shampoo. Eggs make hair silky smooth and shinier it provides hair with proper nourishment which it was lacking previously so it can do good for you.

Tip - Never to use hot water on your hair especially when you are applying an egg hair mask, as it's very hard to remove its residues from hair with hot water.

Always use cold water to rinse your hair as it locks the moisture of your hair and makes it smooth and silky.

Egg white is rich in protein which nourishes hair follicles gives it a natural silky smooth texture and even promotes hair growth.

Egg white is good to use for oily and greasy hair whereas you should use egg yolk in your hair mask if you have dry hair.

If you have normal than using the whole egg in your hair mask.

Yogurt is enriched with fatty acids which help to promote hair growth and swipe out dead skin and dandruff from the scalp which indeed also makes hair silky smooth.

2. Mayonnaise and coconut milk- hair mask

For silky smooth hair

You will need- 3 tsp of mayonnaise, 1 egg and 3-4 tsp of coconut milk

Take a clean bowl to add 2- 3 tsp of mayonnaise to it increase/reduce the quantity as per your hair length.

Now, add 1 egg to it mix very well such that it turns to almost a thick like consistency just like mayonnaise not too runny and then add 3 tsp of coconut mixture to it and mix well.

For applying this mayonnaise hair mask for silky smooth hair firstly detangle your hair.

Slightly damp your hair with some water and start applying from the scalp to roots taking really small sections of your hair.

Apply generously and you can also use a fine-tooth comb to comb your hair so that the hair mask is being spread to all sections properly.

Wear a shower cap and this mask stay for about 1 hour, rinse it off with cold water shampoo and conditioner after that.

This hair mask will make your hair stronger, smoother and longer.  Mayonnaise hair mask also promotes hair growth you can also use this mask for hair growth.

As it has egg and mayonnaise in it which nourishes hair follicles and makes hair grow thicker and longer.

Coconut milk gives hair shine and that straight look it prevents hair from greying, natural ways for hair growth this technique can be used by almost everyone who wants to achieve silky hair and also for hair growth.

Mayonnaise also prevents and helps to get rid of hair lice very fast as applying mayonnaise suffocates hair lice and eventually die.

The combination of all these ingredients is really very good to achieve that silky, shiny , smooth hair.

You can apply this hair mask once a week as its very much capable of repairing the dull and damaged hair.

If you want to have that straight hair look this mask also makes your hair manageable and straight using it often will drastically change your hair texture and looks.

3. Avocado hair mask 

How to get silky hair with avocado hair mask

For preparing avocado hair mask you need; 2 Ripe avocadoes, 1 egg, honey, and curd, you can also use banana as a substitute for avocado if you are unable to get it, or together both will do.

Scrape and remove the avocadoes separate the outer skin and seeds, now add 1 whole egg into it and blend it into a blender, you can also use a spoon to mash the avocadoes than mix egg with it or blend it in a blender once.

Now add 2 tsp of yogurt into it, 1 tsp honey mix well you can also add 1/2 tsp of olive oil along with it as it is well absorbed by hair and gives hair healthy shine mix all the ingredients well and your very own avocado hair mask to get silky hair is ready.

Before applying this hair mask first comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb very well such that you are left with tangle-free hair, now part your hair in sections and secure it with clips start applying the hair mask taking the smaller sections of your hair from the scalp to the roots.

The results of the hair mask to give silky hair will depend on hair texture more the damage and frizzier hair the better nourishments it requires to get naturally silky hair if your hair is very frizzy and damaged take a smaller section of hair and apply a generous amount of hair mask to it.

Now let the hair mask stay for about least 40 minutes to 1:30 hours and rinse it off with cold water after that, you can apply conditioner the next day after applying this mask if you want.

4. Aloe vera and Glycerin hair mask

glycerin hair mask


Now the first thing you must be thinking after reading this sub-heading is glycerin good for hair?  can you use glycerin on your hair than the answer is yes glycerin is good for your hair and also for your skin?

To achieve that silky texture in your hair overnight, you can use glycerin as a hair mask and also as a hair spray.

To make this you will need rose water, aloe vera gel, and glycerin, take about 2- 3 tsp of aloe vera gel in a clean bowl then add 2- 4 tsp of rose water while mixing it throughout and then add 1 tsp of glycerin to it mix well.

The consistency of this glycerin aloe vera mask should be semi-liquid you can add more rose water if you feel it turn out a way thicker inconsistency. You can also add a few drops of lavender essential oil in it.

This aloe vera and glycerin mask can be used on the face as it will provide nourishment to the skin and will give a dramatic glow to your skin and your hair it works best for hair and also for the skin.

This glycerin aloe vera mask is best to use in winters, glycerin is thick in consistency so you can increase or decrease its quantity as per your hair length.

It will turn out to be a good hair mask for dull lifeless hair and will dramatically make your hair silky.

is glycerin good for your hair

5. Use Hair conditioner and Hair Serum

To achieve silky, shiny frizz-free hair its very important to use a good hair conditioner which makes hair more manageable and promotes silky smooth texture to it, try to use alcohol-free shampoo and conditioner for your hair.

Apply conditioner to the ends of your hair and cover the 3/4 section of your hair, do not apply conditioner to the scalp always apply conditioner to the 3/4 section leaving your scalp and starting from a bit above your shoulders to the end/roots of your hair.

As it is a very helpful tip to give bounce to your hair along with silky texture.

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6. Aloe vera and vitamin E

For this hair mask, you will need 2 -3 tsp of aloe vera gel you can use the plant-based aloe vera or you can also go for the aloe vera gel from the stores.

Take 2 -3 tsp of aloe vera gel in a clean bowl, you can add more aloe vera gel according to your hair length if you have longer or dense hair.

Now add 3 - 4 vitamin E capsules into the aloe vera gel and 2- 3 Tsp of coconut oil into it.

Mix very well, it will turn into serum-like consistency after you are with mixing all the 3 ingredients well.

 The aloe vera gel from the stores gives serum-like consistency which we need in this aloe vera vitamin E hairmask, so prefer the sloe vera gel from the stores for this hair mask.

how to get silky hair overnight with aloe vera vitamin E

                                                             Aloe Vera gel

Your silky hair mask is ready for application, this hair mask has a serum-like consistency it doesn't drip off and it should be too runny.

You can add more aloe vera gel if you feel like it's runny inconsistency.

Now apply this hair mask generously on your scalp cover your roots to the ends of your hair generously.

You can apply this hair mask at night and wash it off in the morning to get overnight silky smooth hair.

This is one of the best solutions to how to get silky hair overnight by doing the minimum.

Let this hair mask stay for about 1 hour at least if you don't want to keep it overnight.

Well, overnight hair mask works better always, you can use shower cap at night if you want or cover your hair with a scarf or something while sleeping.

So you don't spoil ur pillowcase just to be on safer side.

Wash off your hair with normal to cold water use shampoo and conditioner.

Let your hair air dry, you will notice this hair mask makes hair silky soft and smooth in texture from the first application itself. 

You can use this hair mask once or twice a week to get silky soft hair it is one of the best DIY which make your hair silky soft and will also help in growing your hair fast.

Sometimes the results depend on the texture of your hair, this hair mask first starts working by repairing the damaged hair and provides nourishment to hair.

If you have lifeless frizzy unmanageable hair then, you can use this aloe vera vitamin E hair mask twice a week. 

7. Rosewater glycerin Hair mask

how to get silky hair overnight along with rose water and glycerin

For this rosewater glycerin hair mask, you will need 5-6 tsp of Rosewater or more according to your hair length and volume add more or less.

2 tsp of Glycerin, 1 tsp aloe vera gel, 2 tsp of olive oil and a spray bottle.

Add 5 -6 tsp of rose water in a spray bottle along with 2 tsp of glycerin, 1 tsp aloe vera gel ( from the stores for this hair mask), 2 tsp olive oil now mix all the ingredients really very well.

shake the spray bottle really very well to mix all the ingredients well, all the ingredients have a different consistency which takes more time to combine together.

The aloe vera gel makes it easier to mix all the ingredients well which is more suitable for this hair mask.

Glycerin is thick in consistency while rose water and glycerin provide instant glow and shine to the skin as well as hair, it gives a silky soft texture to hair.

After mixing all the ingredients well it will look something like cloudy to sparkling water, this when the rosewater glycerin hair mask is ready to apply.

Spray this hair mask on your hair and not on your scalp, cover your all hair strands with this hair mask and let it stay for good 40 minutes to 1 hair or less if you are in hurry.

Wash it off with normal to cold water apply conditioner after shampoo and this hair mask will leave you with silky soft hair.

You can use this hair mask twice a week if you have frizzy, dull and damaged lifeless hair to get silky hair.

Coffee hair mask

Coffee is one of the most awesome ingredients to get silky hair, this hair mask is very easy to prepare and gives the most effective results.

To prepare this coffee hair mask, you will need 2 cups of water now bring the water to boil, now add 2-3 tsp of instant coffee powder into it let it boil once for a second turn of the flame.

Now strain it to remove the coffee powder from it, let the coffee cool down and pour the coffee water into the spray bottle spray on your entire hair.

Let it stay for some time or 30 minutes and rinse it off with normal to cold water.

This coffee hair mask will bring tremendous shine and will make your hair silky instantly, you must give it a try.

Give it a try and let me know which one you liked the most. You can also share your suggestions/ideas regarding this in comments below😊