Easy Steps to Silky, Lustrous Locks

Here are some simple ways and steps that you can try to achieve silky and lustrous hair. In order to transform your hair, you need to follow some easy steps, which I will be sharing below. These steps help me achieve silky and lustrous locks. First, you need to apply hair masks twice a week. Even once will do, but twice gives the best results.

You can try using a banana yogurt olive oil hair mask for silky smooth, manageable hair. While there are lots more options, you need to blend 1 overripe banana with yogurt , 1 egg, and some olive oil .

Blend everything together, strain the mixture if required, and then add 2-3 vitamin E capsules into the hair mask. Mix well. Now brush your hair, make a small portion of it, and start applying this hair mask to your hair from the scalp to the roots of your hair. Cover your hair with the hair mask thoroughly, and let it stay for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Wash it off after that with shampoo and conditioner.

If you are between 20 and 25, then you should try taking collagen supplements in your diet, as it will help you to have healthier skin, hair, nails, bones, and more. After 25, our body stops producing collagen and starts using the collagen that is present in the body.

Collagen controls skin elasticity , bone density, and various other good jobs for our body. There are lots of natural food options that indeed have or help with collagen production in our body. If you are going for a store-bought collagen supplement, then choose it very precisely, or asking your dermatologist will be good.

You can switch to olive and argan oil in order to achieve silky strands. Personally, what I noticed is that my hair tends to absorb olive oil more efficiently than coconut oil.

Apply an aloe vera and olive oil hair mask. This mask not only improves hair texture but also helps in growing thicker hair. This is another easy hair mask that actually gives results .

To prepare this aloe vera hair mask for silky, healthy hair , you will need 4-5 tsps of aloe vera gel. You can use any good-quality aloe vera for this hair mask .

You can use store-bought aloe vera gel or the one extracted from aloe vera leaves; both will work great for your hair. Aloe vera is known for its immensely oxidant and vitamin E-rich properties.

In 4-5 tsps of aloe vera gel, add 3–4 tsps of olive oil and 4-5 vitamin E capsules. You can increase or decrease the proportion of the ingredients according to your hair length. Mix well and apply this aloe vera hair mask to your scalp until your roots focus more on your hair length in order to achieve shine in your hair.

Cover your hair generously with this hair mask, You can add 2 tablespoons of glycerin to the mask before applying it to the length of your hair; this adds more softness and a shiny glaze to your hair.

Let it stay on for 1-2 hours or at least 45 minutes to achieve the best results. Use shampoo and conditioner after .

Add a good hair serum. If you have not used it till now, add a coin-size amount of hair serum after you are done rinsing and conditioning your hair. You need to apply it to damp hair, not completely wet, and spread it evenly.

Always remember to never comb your hair when it’s wet, as it promotes more breakage and hair fall.

Yogurt works best to achieve soft and lively, healthy hair. Try adding yogurt to your hair masks to achieve silky and healthy hair when using a thick hair mask. Never massage harshly while applying the hair mask or after the hair is on it leads to breakage of the hair.

Try eating 1-2 tsps of soaked fenugreek seeds in the morning on an empty stomach to improve your hair and skin texture and quality. It has plenty of other health benefits, as it helps with diabetes, lowers blood sugar levels, helps with menstrual pain, and much more.

It gives a significant glow to your skin and promotes shine to your hair. It also improves hair texture and quality. If you are not allergic to fenugreek seeds, then you can try consuming them. Do not overconsume them, as that may not work well. 1-2 tsp after soaking it overnight in water to get the best results.