Hey there beautiful people,I am back with some best moisturisers for dry skin which will help you out if you are in search of moisturisers for dry skin, welcome to the beautiful  soul reading this welcome to my blog.

Here I share some useful yet genuine diys for haircare skincare and overall healthcare now talking about skincare as we all know how important it is to moisturiser your well.

So here we talk about all things skin care so it's that time of the year when we wrap up our favorite skincare products of the year so best moisturizers of the year that's what we're going to start off with so this is great because i think moisturizers almost are like the backbone of skin care.

Sometimes  i don't know if it just seems to do so much of the heavy okay actives do the heavy lifting but they're so important one of my favorite things to talk about yeah i'm obsessed with moisturizers.

 As many of you know about moisturizing but i noticed when i was trying to put together this list that there are so many favorite moisturizers that i have and the best way to do this i think is to do it based on category moisturizers for very dry skin.

I am going to go over with the best lightweight moisturizers and we're going to go over the best moisturizers with retinol best of so let's talk about very dry skin,first i like a thick moisturizer so you can even use these.

if you don't have very dry skin but you just like a thicker moisturizer so what's your sort of favorite of the year ? Comment below.

Best moisturiser for dry skin

                                                        La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm Ap+

my favorite is  La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm Ap+  it is i have one upstairs in my dresser i have one by my front door i have one in my drawer in my office this is like my go-to yeah so this is actually a great option.

so it has a lot of beneficial ingredients in it so i really personally like this one for my body but i think you can use it on both your body and your face right so only when you are in the winter and like just the wind blow cause burning sensation.

when the wind burn really starts to get you then you can  move it up on to your face well so it's got shea butter that has that la roche posay prebiotic thermal water in it.

 It’s fragrance comedogenicity which you know is hit or miss plus niacinamide yeah and which makes this nice and it's a heavier texture.

 But it's not like the heaviest moisturizer so if you get with like a vana cream that one has a bit higher petroleum  concentration,so for me this is like heavy thick safe.

then it also has like a medium blend and i think most people are going to tolerate this really well so this is definitely something worth if you have dry skin or if you have dry skin on the body.

You can use this on your ankles if  your ankles are always dry you will be big fan of this one la roche posay accepted by the national eczema association all right so for very dry skin.

Best moisturiser for dry skin Skinfix barrier

This one is more for the face for skin fix triple lipid peptide cream you will be huge fan of this one.

I think when it comes to moisturizers you really have to try it you can look at the ingredient list all day with some of these products you have no idea if you're going to like it on your skin unless you try them.

I have a normal combination skin but i still use this one it's just a very very good moisturizer with this peptide lipid complex anyone who's tried it really does love it.

It’s fragrance free doesn't cause a lot of allergy or irritation in anybody and i've just been using it for a really long time.

And this is the moisturizer, I like gifting  to friends and families who are like getting into skincare stuff.

This has peptides in it among other things your moisturizer is doing work it's not just moisturizing it's also adding to your actives along the way, and this is just an example of one of those ingredients.

So next  let's talk about some of my favorite lightweight moisturizers now these are going to be good for like oily skin to normal skin.

Maybe for someone who likes more of lightweight texture some people don't like to feel like their skin is being suffocated by their moisturizer .

And that’s totally understandable that you don't need like thick moisturizers like some other people  does.

Best moisturiser for dry skin

                                                                  Cerave pm lotion.  

 I think standing out in this category has always been the cerave pm lotion yeah this has been one of my favorites.

It’s kind of like just that old-school go-to i think in my mind like first thing comes to mind lightweight moisturizer and then like does it have niacinamide of course happens to have niacinamide.

It’s just the cerave pm great for facial skin,good for sensitive skin it's just very all-around excellent lightweight moisturizer.

And so for someone who does have oilier skin look for more ingredients that have niacinamide in it.

Now it's not necessarily like when I say that a lot of people think it decreases oil production so if you have dry skin it's not like you can't use niacinamide,you have oily skin it will normalize it.

But if you have dry skin it's not going to dry your skin out.

Next is  biosounds squalene probiotic gel moisturizer, I like this one well it's a lightweight super gel consistency so this thing is like very gel consistency like.

 But that squalene that it has in it leaves skin with the glow so this is always my last step in my skincare routine.

Best moisturiser for dry skin

cetaphil gentle clear mattifying acne moisturizer right so of course the salicylic acid is really doing that heavy lifting for the acne and that mattifying component makes it really good for oily skin.

Yeah  and for people with oily skin that's actually pretty important to them, I think they spend a lot of time battling their oil control and the glossiness of their skin.

Dewy skin is something they want less of this lotion also has ingredients that are going to help with the hyperpigmentation that comes on after the inflammation of acne calms down.

It has kojic acid and licorice so really unlike a lot of salicylic acid products this gave a little bit more boost and,actually the texture is something that will win  you over.

Foe someone with oily acne skin this is really going to be a very comfortable lotion with great ingredients right and i don't think a lot of people are doing the mattifying things, so it's great that line for people that don't like to have that dewy experience.

A lot of people with acne don't want to moisturize because they think it's going to make it worse and, so having a moisturizer that's also an acne treatment is really going to encourage people to moisturize.

Which is good because if you don't moisturize and you have acne it's going to make the inflammation worse.

All right so next up moisturizers that have retinol in them so you can always use your retinol serum or retinol cream or whatever you have and put your favorite moisturizer over it not going to discourage you from doing that.

But for somebody who really wants a simplified skincare routine and does want to skip that moisturizing step we should include moisturizers that have retinol in them as a separate category one of the sort of og's in this category is the .neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair regenerating cream.

It is fragrance free and a fragrance version so go with the fragrance free version it still has the same actives in it i see no reason to use a fragrance product when there's the fragrance free option out there.

ld and just also moisturize your face at the same time you're new to retinol it may be nice to kind of ease in with a retinal moisturizer so we're going to be talking about how to simplify your skincare routine with a retinol moisturizer well.

what could you potentially do during the day or you could find a moisturizer that has spf sunscreen in it so covalent here is if you are going to use your moisturizer as a sunscreen.

you need to use as much as you'd use if your calculations uh you need to use two finger lengths of sunscreen for the face neck and ears same applies if you're going to use a moisturizer the reason why is because when they do the studies on these they do it under the same sunscreen conditions.

And so maybe you would normally apply a little bit less moisturizer maybe apply the same amount but just keep that in mind that applies to makeup also so if you're using a makeup that has an spf in it you need to use as much makeup as you would have used of sunscreen.

 That sounds crazy and practical for makeup wow i never thought about that now again i think the utility is high for moisturizers and spf because it's just like very natural for people to reapply moisturizers throughout.

In fact i think it's just easier to throughout the day and reapply that and not have to think twice about two different things so what is our first pick so this one came out this year actually this is the cetaphil healthy radiance whipped day cream broad spectrum f30.

Best moisturiser for dry skin cetaphil whipped cream

so broad spectrum spf 30 plus it has two percent niacinamide in it so it could actually triple as your niacinamide treatment plus, it's a moisturizer and so it has a lot of moisturizing ingredients plus it's fragrance free so this is another really good option you could just cleanse throw this on in the morning bolt at the door okay.

And then there's another side to this too so that one is amazing only comes in non-tinted so the upside of this one here this is by dermatology the universal tinted moisturizer spf 46 this is tinted so it gives you that added coverage against visible light.

 Unlike some of the other tinted this blends in pretty well which many do but it doesn't peel as much as some of the other ones.

I hope you get this helpful and informative if you like the article do share with your friends till then take care and bye.