How to get clear glowing skin with face mask

I have an amazing DIY face mask that can be prepared at home for you it is so soothing so amazing for the skin and it's gonna leave it clear glowing and fresh and it is all-natural, so stay tuned also make sure to comment below.

Diy face mask -to get clear glowing skin fast

The first ingredient you'll be needing for this amazing spotless DIY face mask is an avocado and it's okay if the avocado is a little overripe  it is the perfect reason to apply it as a mask , I will also let you know  the next ingredients in a moment but you're just gonna have to chop the avocado in half and remove the seed and then scoop it into a bowl.

 Now the reason we're using an avocado is because it is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A, D, E which is amazing for the skin it's also packed with vitamin E oil and avocado oil which contains potassium and so many nutrients  which can be easily absorbed by the skin, to form new revitalized and fresh skin.

 Also, research shows that applying avocado can help with eczema prevent and treat acne as well as dry flaky skin and psoriasis, now you just want to take that avocado and mash it with a spoon or a fork into your bowl and once it is nice and smooth we are going to mix the next ingredient.

Now the second and last ingredient you'll be needing for this DIY face mask is honey organic honey is a great natural antibacterial and it is extremely moisturizing and helps boost your complexion as well as reduce aging giving a natural glow.

 So we are going to take about two tablespoons of honey to our mixture and then, I'm going to tell you exactly how to apply it and how long to keep it on your face but first you're gonna want to mix this really well ,now it's really important when mixing that you also mix the honey really deep into the avocado so you can distribute it evenly .

 Once you get a nice smooth consistency you're going to want to apply it with a brush or your hand on your face, now the key to applying this a face mask is starting in small sections.

Because as you apply if you're going to start to notice you're going to need to reapply a few layers just to fully cover the face.

And then you have to apply extra layers in places like underneath your eyes or where you just notice more dry or dull areas for me at one of those places is in between my brows, I just noticed it gets a little drier as well as my forehead.

 Now once I'm done I just add a few more little chunks to wherever I notice I missed and I let it sit for about 20 minutes also five minutes in I like to go ahead and add extra underneath my eyes and my nose after about 20 minutes you will be going to notice the mask is not only tightening but getting darker in color.

 And it should feel really strong and soothing so it is time to wash this mask off it will take a moment to comment below this article and share for the fact that this amazing mask only has two ingredients and it's going to give us amazing results.

so after washing off the mask,  you can use a paper towel some warm water and just go into circular motions and this will also help make sure you have absorbed all the nutrients, now once your skin is dry you will notice such an amazing difference.

Let me know in the comments below how it worked for you so you guys are gonna love it !!