Dark circle home remedy - girl with beautiful eye

Every girl's most common nightmare pimples and dark circles yeah it doesn't feel good to have dark circles and puffy eye bags under the eye it makes us feel grumpy, dull and less attractive.

Here is a home remedy to help you out in removing dark circles with natural ingredients only 2 ingredients which works well to remove dark circles.

Potato eye pads to get rid of dark circles naturally

Potatoes have rich nutrients and lightening properties which helps to keep skin healthy and to remove dark patches and dark circles, it has anti-pigmentation properties which helps to reduce dark marks.

Coffee is rich in antioxidants and has caffeine which helps to reduce swollen and puffy eyes and also shrinks swollen blood vessels very good for dark circles, reducing fine lines and dark circles.

How to get rid of dark circles  naturally -with 2 ingredients needed 

Take 3- 4 tsps pf potato juice in a clean bowl then add 1 tsp of Coffee powder in it and mix the 2 ingredients very well the coffee powder should get dissolved in the potato juice completely.

Take a clean cotton eye pad and cut it into 2 equal half's and soak it in the potato juice and coffee mixture and refrigerate for 5 to 10 minutes.

Now place the eye pads under eyes on the dark circles and let it stay for good 20-30 minutes and remove the eye pads after that and gently pat your skin to get the remaining residues of the eye pads. 

These eye pads will help you in reducing and eventually to get rid of dark circles in a week. You can use this in alternate days to get best results

Causes of dark circles

Firstly lets quickly know what are the causes of dark circles and then you can figure out what's exactly causing dark circles to occur and you can prevent that particular habit or know the exact fact.

Dark circles are caused due to dehydration, deficiency of vitamin B12 it's the most common reason and a great part to take care of hydrate yourself most often by consuming fruit juices and drinking water at particular intervals.

Consuming more vitamin C fruits juices and vegetables will help to get rid of dark circles,
oranges juices, carrots, yellow bell peppers, cabbage, and cauliflower will help you reduce dark circles.

Stress, eye strains, direct exposure to the sun , fatigue stressing over constantly weakens your thin vessels present in the eyes, long exposure to electronic devices/gadgets causes eye strain irritation damaging your eyes which indeed causes dark circles.

 Dark circles are also caused due to aging or allergies due to any cosmetics irritations. And in some cases dark circles might occur at an early age due to genetics, genes obtain from parents.