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How to live a life - Happily forever

How to live a life - Happily

Here are list of strategies which enhances and generates good positive feelings including this habits switches the mood of the person helps them to live a happy & healthy lifestyle .

Happiness is when you feel good ,positive , pleasure, proud ,relieved or satisfied . It is all the way when you start believing yourself .

Including this habits in life may seem like senseless or they might think things like this does not require their attention or its not worthy   and these are people who need to understand and start practising this more for a healthy stable and peaceful mind.

So here are  list of some habits or ideas for living a happy life ,

How to live a life - Happily -Ways to feel good about yourself   

1:  Love yourself

How to live a life - Happily

Start accepting yourself for who you are stop blaming yourself for the mistakes you did in past . Try to know your qualities , habits your desires .

One thing which is most important is that you are important and your presence is very important in this world think of what you can rather than what you couldn't or what you missed out.

No matter what the world thinks and say about you have to believe in yourself. Admire yourself for the sake that god has created you for a reason otherwise you wont exist . In the world full of bullying
and jealously, betrayal . Be your own kind of genuine and loving person.

Be loving person and start by loving yourself first know your likes , dislikes , spent quality time to know your spiritual desires .

Spent time in thinking about reflection of your life and yourself give yourself permission for self love spent quality time by helping others it will enlighten your day.

Take care of your body in your everyday life by

Healthy eating habits.

Avoid negative vibes and toxic people.

Say thanks spread gratitude's to the people around you and to yourself.


2:   Built  confidence

How to live a life - Happily

Confidence is built on your own choices and accomplishments . You can be confident only if you want be confident about yourself . So you have to think about yourself on your own whether you really want be confident one or just you want to stay in timidy and hesitancy.

Question yourself don't you want courage, self esteem , self assurance , good poise in your own self ?
If your  inner voice says yes that means yes you want to be the one with this  qualities.

Start working on your goals confidence is build by accomplishments of goals whether be small or big start working on your goals as you start achieving it you tend to feel good about yourself and you tend to lay bricks to build confidence in you .

To feel good about yourself boost your confidence without which you felt low at times. Look straight into the mirror with the grace you want in yourself showcase it in front of yourself. And wear it in  reality as well. Talk to the expert who knows about your flaws and also about your strength.
The expert who is staring in the mirror .,😁

3: Smile

How to live a life - Happily

Our body language has tendency to influence our moods and helps in switching moods . Smiling is beautiful remedy which has ability to switch your mood and to make you live happy life.

Smiling relaxes facial muscles and also helps in calming nervous simple don't you think smiling or laughing can boost your mood really very fast and is very obvious cure.

Smile more often.Smile is the best curve you can have.You look beautiful when you smile.It is the best facial expression that makes anyone around you happy.,☺️this helps you maintain healthy lifestyle

4) Sleep

How to live a life - Happily

Lack of sleep makes us less alert it effects our memory and makes  anyone who did not had a proper sleep irritated which indeed makes the person exhausted  and you cant be happy if you are exhausted so have proper sleep.

Researchers says less sleep tends to give repetitive negative thoughts.
Yeah sleeping well can cause you less prone to negativity.

And also it charges you up for the rest of the day.It improves your performance . Don't you forget about Sleeping beauty though she was sleeping but she was beautiful.

5: Chocolates

How to live a life - Happily

Eating chocolate causes happiness and celebrations, and it is proved that eating chocolate can help boost your mood, making you feel calmer and more content. Dark chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins, chemicals in the brain which creates feelings of pleasure.

A research took place way years ago which states that people who drink hot chocolate and cocoa activates some part of the brain for certain period of time.It also makes u feel good.So a better reason to have chocolates.Make sure it doesn't makes you visit a dentist anyway.

6: Good Scent

How to live a life - Happily with scent

Wearing good scent, perfume or cologne can rapidly change a person's mood and  also it improves social interactions .So basically it Smell good feel good!!wear a good cologne next time in your crush's birthday party may be she start feeling the same about you.

Work on your relationships

whether be it family or friends people around you are important concentrate on how you behave with them ask question to yourself was it okay for you if someone behaved in the same manner of yours with you if no than change your behaviour .

The way of treating people in the wrong way if you do so treat them affectionately they are important for you care for them genuinely.

Life is unpredictable live the moments fully with them this things will surely make you peaceful and lead you live a happy life.